Ignorant, more ignorant, human

„Veganism is one of the greatest, most beautiful and gentle discoveries of humanity, because it offers the opportunity to live without killing or torturing animals, it frees from the compulsion to deny and repress, it does not harm anyone and sets with all these huge energies free. And by the way: The planet can hardly be saved more easily and cheaply.“ (ZEIT-Magazine)

Everything speaks for it, nothing against it.
To live vegan means to cause no harm.
To live vegan means to protect nature and not to exploit it any longer.
To live vegan means to defeat world hunger.
To live vegan means to protect biodiversity.
To live vegan means to be healthy.
Everything speaks for it, nothing against it.

If man were indeed intelligent, reasoned, reflective and logical, it would be impossible to say that I do not live vegan. But this is not the person, but rather he is controlled by hormones, impulses and the desire for social adaptability, loves traditions and rules. What is right is not what is found after collecting all the facts as such, but what the social group does or pretends to be the authority. More important than any rational consideration, is affiliation, be it the family, the church, or something completely absurd, like a nation. Despite all the assurances of individuality and insistence on the right to autonomy, most people have no problem submitting to unquestioning peer pressure that they neither questioned nor thought through. With great joy they submit to opinion leaders, be it in fashion, in beauty, in things that one must own, so that no one would get the idea that one did not belong to a specific social class or type the lifestyle. They are always following some abstruse ideologies that someone has come up with and are now considered irrefutable. No matter how much the reality of life changes, they stay with it. In short, man is mostly inaccessible to rational arguments. Once you realize that, it’s clear why most people reject veganism.

Morden is a tradition, that’s why we do it.
Mistreatment is part of the culture, that’s why we do it.
Exploitation is one of the values, that’s why we do it.
Submission is one of our basic views, so we do it.

These are the true pillars on which our society rests. Above and below. Ruler and dominated. Guides and guides. Rules and conformity. As absurd as it may seem, it is so evident. Therefore, we should finally say goodbye to working with facts and logical arguments. But what else can you lead into the field? Actually, one would have to accept that most people are resistant to learning and unwilling to change, for whatever reason. The only alternative I can think of is the spreading of appellative messages by people who others are willing to follow. Not because they thought it through, but because they believe it. „If that says that, then it must be true,“ is the tenor. Opinion makers, leaders and similarly influential personalities. I do not see another possibility, especially since time is running out. The conclusion would be to give up all the attempts to save humanity in this simple way, to sit back and think, „If man really is like that, then we should hope that humanity actually perishes.“ Also an alternative and probably not even the worst, because is it really worth the human race to fight for it, to commit itself after all that it has listed in the story? Would not it be for all concerned, humanity itself, the non-human fellow creatures, nature, the best, if the earth could finally recover from the destructive rage of the supposedly most intelligent mammal? Too fatalistic? You could also call it pragmatic.

In summary, „Go vegan or go under.“ And what do you choose?

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