Meat eating is a private matter

Of course, meat eating is a private matter. After all, it does not matter to anyone what lands on my plate and then in my stomach. It is a private matter if, for me, 150,000,000,000 animals are maltreated, mutilated, abused and cruelly killed each year. It is a private matter that my consumption of meat destroys biodiversity and biodiversity. Likewise, it is a private matter that more and more people starve to death or are expelled from their land because of my meat consumption. And of course, it is also a private matter that this destroys the climate and nature. Everything private. The vegans do not need to come here and believe that one could score with facts, because what I do not want to hear, I am shoving under the label „proselytizing“ and already it is discredited. And the more aggressive they are, the more right they are.

But then I stop and think. Maybe there is another one hiding behind the thought of the private matter. Vegans are anxious to preserve, free and save their lives, their fellow human beings, their fellow creatures and nature. That’s why they carry their message out into the world. And they are trying because they have not lost the belief that the world or humanity can be saved. But the flesh eaters are already one step further, because with their way of dealing with nature, the fellow creatures and also the fellow human beings, they say that they have lost all faith in humanity, that they work with missionary zeal, that they do not bring mankind to its destruction as soon as possible. It is incredibly difficult for them to go this way, because after all, they are sentient people who recognize the suffering, but they also say that if we go through this now, the world and all fellow creatures will be redeemed in a shorter time by the evil man can regenerate again. If you have seen through this noble, ethical train, but modestly hide it, then you have a very different picture of them. They work so hard. They do not want to eat 60 kg of meat per year, but 90 or 120. They would like to stream day and night, make 5 cruises a year and fly somewhere at least every week, not for pleasure, but faster for the goal of the end of humanity to reach. They risk everything, their money, their health and the family. And all just to redeem the world from man. How much selflessness is in such a request. But of course, only someone who joins this sect and takes its secrecy seriously can understand that. Uninitiated should not really have a clue. In doing so, one should proclaim this to the whole world: meat eaters do what they do for the good of the planet, to free it from the human bacillus as quickly as possible. They see that he has spread across the world and infected everything with his garbage, his exploitation and destruction. With their razor-sharp mind, they have dealt with the problem and found that there are two exits out of misery. Either the person changes radically or he goes under. Now, man does not change radically from day to day or even in the foreseeable future. So, there is only the second option left to do everything for the sinking. And they did that with all their might. Just that then the sentence „meat eating is a private matter“ is no longer true. But probably that’s just the concealment of true intentions.

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