We also celebrate Christmas happily

While we gather happily, wish each other a Merry Christmas and look forward to each other, babies are still separated from mothers. Laying hens take away the eggs, take calves from their mothers and remove puppies from their mothers far too early to sell them to the ignorant. A living gift that will be reliably disposed of at any motorway service station on your first vacation.

While we are sitting in the warm, enjoying our punch and enjoying the beautifully decorated apartment, little babies stand alone and abandoned in their boxes, exposed to all weather conditions, because we want mom’s milk. Otherwise, the coffee doesn’t taste good or the cream cake, not even the cream soup and a meal without cheese, completely unthinkable. That is why the male calves are also loaded onto vans and spent thousands of kilometers without any supplies because they are senseless and have no use for production.

While we enjoy the food, neatly arranged, seasoned and decorated, mainly animals that wanted to live, geese are force-fed, pigs fed turbo feed and made sick on full slatted floors, chickens are crammed together in huge halls and left in their own droppings , just like turkeys, but the main thing is that they taste good and we all love each other.

While we are unpacking the presents, the animals in the livestock farm do not even see the sun, not all of their lives, not even at Christmas, even if that would make no difference and at the same time we look at the illusion of a happy animal life in advertising that we love to believe in, even if we actually know that it’s just lies, but those that make our own actions more bearable.

While we wrap ourselves in fur and wool and cashmere to protect ourselves from the cold when we go to the Christmas mass, 140,000,000 animals are kept in cages until their fur is pulled over our ears for our fur Bestial sheared sheep to make us cuddly, goats are cruelly freed from their hair, because cashmere is something very special, lambs are snatched from their mothers and skinned because it is so fine to feed the leather boots and the cows living body peeled off because leather is so popular.

While we remove the make-up, shower and apply various creams, the animals, cute beagles and kittens and monkeys, prefer to sit in their sterile cages and wait for the experiments that are still being carried out on them to give us eternal youth or at least a younger look.

While we snuggle up in the blankets, happily spent a nice evening together, geese are plucked alive so that we have filling material for our blankets and pillows so that we can lie softly and enjoy a restful sleep while they are with wounds littered, their meager lives somehow die.

While we celebrate the festival of love and conjure it up in the highest tones, we are surrounded by suffering and abuse and death, we eat it, put it on, smear it on our faces and give it away. And don’t waste a thought on it, because we have it warm and cozy and comfortable and we are full. But who will let the wonderful Christmas, the festival of love be spoiled by such thoughts. And besides, recently we donated a few euros. With this, we have done goodness. I can’t do more. Or?

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