Vegan is bodily harm: Child Nutrition

Vegan nutrition is extreme, radical and low in nutrients. So, there is still the popular opinion, which is also strongly relined. The fact that these statements are wrong and must be wrong should seem logical to anyone who does not allow themselves to be indoctrinated by the pharmaceutical or meat lobby, because even the universally recognized food pyramid declares a proportion of 75% vegan as good with a balanced diet. If you take a closer look, you can see at first glance that animal products only appear at the top, which means that they should be enjoyed in moderation. In contrast, the daily consumption of vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes and fruits is recommended. These foods make up the bulk of the vegan diet. This is often overlooked and facts do not matter to the average consumer, because the real motives for turning the pyramid upside down have a lot to do with habit, tradition and, above all, persistent indoctrination, in which the relevant industries invest a lot of money.

Now most of them can barely get around to saying that adults should do what they want, but the fun stops for the children, because after all they couldn’t fight back and vegan parents would force the poor kids to eat vegan. The sentence itself is dubious. Of course, vegan parents force their children on their diet. Meat-eating parents do the same. But I would never have heard anyone say it. More specifically, parents always impose their lifestyle on their children. You have to do it too. After all, it is difficult to wait for the children to be old enough to decide for themselves. Until then, they would have starved to death. More generally speaking, it is difficult for us to simply leave our offspring standing in an air- and value-free space and wait. With each interaction, the values and habits of the caregivers are passed on. This can be described as imposing what is not entirely correct. Coercion is only necessary where someone opposes it. But children learn through imitation and will not resist. This is commonly called education. To what extent coercion is used here, I will leave it open. But no matter whether I feed my children meat, vegetarian or vegan, whether I educate them Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist, I always put them in my specified value system and they have to deal with it.

More serious than the compulsory argument weighs another, which says that vegan nutrition in children is bodily harm. Children are mainly fed vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts and vegetable oils. I’ll leave out what is harmful about it. It is more interesting, however, that it is said indirectly that meat-based nutrition in children is healthy, or children of parents who consume any kind of animal products are nourished healthy. Then let’s take a look at the average, oh so healthy diet. The bread, the extra sausage, the butter and Nutella are particularly popular with children for breakfast. All foods that contain a lot of sugar, fat and little nutritional value. The day continues with milk slices, dwarf fruits, chips & Co. At the top of the hit list of hot meals are fish fingers, schnitzel, burgers, pizza and fries. To do this, cola, fanta, sprite or energy drinks are massively consumed. That there are two broad ingredients in omnivorous child nutrition: fat and sugar. The consequences are obvious. One in three children between the ages of six and nine in European countries are now obese. And these are by no means vegan children, but those who are fed child-friendly with traditional cuisine. Every single one of these children is trained for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes at a young age.

In summary, one can say that anyone who nourishes their children with vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes, provides enough exercise and maybe even has time for the offspring is guilty of bodily harm. Whereas those parents who stuff their children with saturated fats, trans fats, sugar and salt and thus make a big contribution to becoming overweight, with the corresponding consequences, do it right. It is basically the norm, and what is in the norm is good. There are consistently losers with this type of diet. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are also winners, those who make a lot of money from it and who are not so easy to take away. Some people make exorbitant profits by eating people who are fleshly ill and animals suffering unspeakably. Therefore, the myth that vegan is bodily harm is spreading. But only for those who don’t earn that much anymore. For everyone else, it would be a win.

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