The Future is vegan (3): There cannot be a non-vegan Future

Vegan people are no more perfect than everyone else, but they have understood one thing – and that is probably also connected with a special connection to life, namely that it is possible to consider the existing conditions, social conditions, given train of thought leave and take your own. All you need is a healthy mix of intelligence, creativity and perseverance. Intelligence helps to understand things, to examine them, but it takes a certain amount of creativity to disassemble and reassemble things that have already been made. The elements remain the same because we only have those that exist. In the case of humans and how they deal with the non-human environment. You disassemble and reassemble them so that something new is created. Not necessarily for the whole, but for the individual.

So you suddenly see that the cow mom gives milk because her baby needs something to eat. Grass can’t eat it yet, so her body produces milk for her baby. And nature is so caring that it shapes the composition in such a way that it is optimal for a baby cow, for the period of time until it can actually eat. But if the milk is optimal for the baby cow, then it is not for a human baby. If you compare the milk of a human mother with that of a cow mother, then you get it, this is also optimal for a human baby. Breast milk, no matter what species is for their baby and no one else. But the most important thing is, you can see that it is not necessary for a balanced diet. On the contrary, it is even detrimental to her. You can also see through the egg and milk fairy tale. But if many people have this knowledge, there will soon be no pigs, chickens, cows and sheep that are bred for human exploitation. So, there are only more than pets that are not eaten, but only loved. After all, it is about a proud 140,000,000,000 living things. You then no longer need to feed them, which frees up the majority of the acreage for vegetables and fruit, fresh vegetables and fruit, without pesticides, perhaps also from your own garden. The forests, especially the rainforests, would no longer have to be cleared because we no longer need the land. More than that, they could relax and with it the domestic beings. The biodiversity would live up to its name again. In addition, the excess excrement would no longer have to be disposed of, so that the water also recovers. Animal populations living on and in the water could recover. You could experience nature and its inhabitants up close, without causing them suffering, but rather enjoying life together. It is a vision of freedom and vitality and connectedness. Actually beautiful. But it is immediately talked badly, with all sorts of excuses – and we all know them, so it is necessary to show perseverance in addition to intelligence and creativity, because only in this way can you assert yourself against the mainstream of destruction and annihilation.

Vegans are not perfect people because living vegan is a way to go. Nutrition is only the first step. If you have done this, you will also recognize many other things that are related to it. You learn step by step. That’s the nice thing about it. If you learn from each other, accept insights that others have already made, in order to advance yourself, then it is optimal. But that is a difference to those who are desperately looking for what the vegans are doing wrong, only to conclude that they are not perfect, so I don’t need to start over. It’s not about what others should do, it’s just what I can do to make the world a better place for all living things. And the best thing is to go this way together. Therefore, let us stand together and for one another and above all not be misled by all those who have not yet taken the first step. It is the best way to go. So, what’s stopping you?

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