The Future is vegan (4): Feminism is vegan

What prevents us from taking for granted a life that is designed in such a way that no living being suffers unnecessarily? Death at the slaughterhouse or at the house slaughter, which comes out the same because this fellow creature will definitely be dead, is just the tip of the iceberg. Before these gruesome murders occur, these creatures must survive months, if not years, of abuse and exploitation. The female representatives come to the hand kiss.

Cows are bred to produce several times their natural milk output, just as chickens cannot stop laying eggs. What these creatures have in common is that their bodies produce these things to feed their own children. This is wonderfully regulated by nature. Of course, their bodies can only achieve these enormous benefits for a short time, which is much shorter than their normal lifespan. They are simply destroyed. In addition, their children are taken away from them immediately. Calves come in calf boxes and eggs are hatched under a heat lamp. They are all mothers who want to take care of their babies and who are being cheated on. We exploit them to the point of tolerability and simply because we can. It is the most miserable form of submission there has been. We have had enough of this throughout history, such as slavery, serfdom or the oppression of women. But no matter what type, it is always based on the idea that someone is superior to someone else who can exercise power with impunity, like whites against blacks or men against women. In this case, it is the belief that the human species is worth more than any other. So, the basic ideas are always the same. For self-made reasons, someone gives themselves the right to do what they want with someone else.

The right to treat women worse than men is based on the belief that they are of higher quality. Feminism fights against this belief, which – as most people now understand – has no basis. So, women know the situation of oppression and exploitation that still happens. Especially on March 8th, International Women’s Day, the ongoing inequality, oppression and exploitation are commemorated. But hardly anyone thinks that women who are committed to feminism should condemn all forms of oppression and exploitation if they want to have a minimum of credibility. However, there are large black spots. There is hardly any thought of women in the so-called Third World or women in the exploitation industry. If feminism were even half credible, it would oppose any form of oppression, because the root is always the same, that the white man rises above all other species, human beings, animals and nature. If the feminists want to take themselves seriously, they should generally be vegan and strongly condemn any exploitation, because those who are oppressed should be particularly sensitive to those who are in the same situation. It should be self-evident to show solidarity. In truth, however, the women’s rights movement, from its beginnings until today, seemed to have nothing more important to do than to continue this mechanism even in its own ranks by bourgeois women against women from the lower class, women from the middle class themselves prefers to deal with problems that must seem decadent and prepotent to a woman who struggles for survival every day. Feminism does not take itself seriously and undermines its own efficiency, but the most serious thing is not to question the game of abuse and murder and to put yourself in the role of the oppressor, which some women are even proud of when they are butchers or become hunters. They swap life for death, the connection with nature with the decoupling, step out of the cycle of life and put themselves at the top. Under the cover of feminism, they become the better, often more brutal, oppressors. That’s why feminism that understands itself has to be vegan or it is a fraudulent label.

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