The Future is vegan (5): Our Children are the Future

All parents want only the best for their children, at least that’s what they say. Words are patient and interpretations are much more. What do parents mean by the best for their children? Of course, health, then a good education, so that one day they will have a job that will enable them to live on their salary and their own family and friends. In short, the best thing for our children is to live a happy life. So far, so understandable and good. But how the good, happy life should look like, you tell the children. Up to a certain age, this makes sense and is understandable, but most parents tend to want to keep an eye on their children, which makes them happy, instead of giving them the chance to find out for themselves. After all, adults have no life experience and young people don’t, so they know exactly what is right and wrong, but above all what is good for you. Actually, a terrible hubris, because how is a person supposed to find his way when he is constantly being told that there is only one, namely the one assigned to him?

So nothing else happens than that the adults project their wishes and ideas into the young people. Well, you could say that’s okay, to a certain extent, because these adults finally found this way, after many wrong turns, from which they want to protect their children. In a word, they know what they’re talking about. Of course, you can say that. It is true, however, that these people, who now act like the great explorers and analysts, were themselves young people who were set on a path that others had found good. They had just left him with no experience or spirit of discovery. They just peerlessly parrot what others were chatting to them, just that they have internalized it so that they don’t even notice it. What does not fit in this picture is negated. After all, the world is completely unchangeable and you have to adapt. Everyone.

One day the offspring comes home and announces that she or he wants to go vegan. There the adults stand there and are horrified, because after all everyone knows that vegan nutrition is malnutrition and that people have always eaten meat and that is just a snap idea to oppose the authority and knowledge of the older generation to rebel. Therefore, the project of the dependent adolescent is torpedoed wherever possible. She / he is exposed or served food that deliberately hides animal parts. It is one of the worst sides of self-proclaimed authority, because ultimately it is all about preventing yourself from admitting that you were wrong, and not just these adults, but also all those who were before and bleed in this falsehood. But what do these, so sophisticated, enlightened adults do to young people?

They are told nothing else than that their insights and insights into the connection between animal, human and natural exploitation are nonsense. Not least because the adults would have to admit that they had done it wrong up to now. Demoralization, insecurity and conflicts of loyalty are the result. On the one hand, young people feel emotionally committed to their parents, and on the other hand, it is difficult to tell them that they are wrong. It takes a lot of strength and courage to stand up against those from whom you could rightly expect support and reaffirmation. Then these children have to experience that their parents and other relatives are completely resistant to learning and that they still disparage them for their positive efforts. Many of them buckle and abandon their plans. The adults won. But what is that victory? Is it best for our children to keep them small and helpless by means of rigid means, to humiliate and ridicule them? Is this our educational goal today to break young people so that they fit into the system again? Yes, that’s it.

It takes a lot of strength and courage, but if you really want it, you can do it and maybe the world will actually become a better place for everyone.

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