Blood Mares

The sun is shining. I stand on the edge of a paddock and watch a mare and her foal. The little one goes wild, but if anything is what scares it, it quickly runs to mom. It hides there and feels safe, secure and safe. It’s so good to see that, but then I can’t help but think of a report I recently saw about mares that were supposed to become mothers, but never were allowed to, because the baby was cruelly snatched from them ahead of time, unborn, directly from the womb, by cutting open the amniotic sac and taking out the little one, just to throw it on the trash. And because all of this is so horrible that you don’t want to know anything about it, it doesn’t happen behind closed doors, but far from prosperity and bourgeoises, in Uruguay and Argentina. And why the whole thing?

For about 35 years, pregnant mares have been taking blood to obtain the hormone PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Genotropin) between the 40th and 120th day of pregnancy. This hormone is used in industrial animal breeding in Europe in order to coordinate the processes and to avoid production downtimes. The hormone is imported by European pharmaceutical companies. The mares are systematically tortured and forced into forced devices so that the blood can be obtained in the shortest possible time. In addition, this should be possible twice a year per animal. It is therefore necessary to interrupt pregnancy. Every year, more than 20,000 babies fall victim to the hormone industry for the European milk and meat industry. When taking blood, the mares are taken up to 25% of the total volume every week, twice a year for 11-12 weeks. 30% of expectant mothers do not survive this procedure. Even if they survive and no longer become pregnant, they come to an EU-certified slaughterhouse and their meat ends up on European plates. Other of these creatures die from weakness or the consequences of abortions. The carcasses then lie on the pastures of the blood farms. But if this were not yet cruel enough, one can see film recordings ( that the animals already martyred are additionally beaten with iron hooks and wooden beating and systematic violence against the female genitals is systematically practiced. The European pharmaceutical companies pretend to know nothing and believed that they trusted the statements of the local authorities and state bodies. You don’t want to see it and you don’t want to know, because then you can pretend to be stupid. And this torture only serves to make other animal quality factories work as smoothly as possible, i.e. like the machines. If an animal is supposed to be used for what in the factories, it must get pregnant as quickly as possible, ideally 1,000 at the same time, because then they give birth at the same time and everything is predictable. The only fatal thing is that in pigs e.g. giving birth to more piglets than the mother has breasts, which means that the weaker do not come to drink and die. I.e. that artificially give birth to more than can be nourished, just to make them die miserably. This is the macabre logic of a high-tech, alien, high-tech propagation plant designed to maximize profits, in which living beings are only viewed and treated as functioning machines. Every year millions of these innocent creatures become victims of a form of exploitation that is unparalleled in cruelty. Born for the garbage. Never having a life, not even the slightest hope for it. It is required so that we can continue our disastrous, environmentally destructive, pandemic-producing lifestyle without sacrificing, because the consumer demands cheap, cheaper, cheapest. And that is also offered to him. In return, he closes his eyes and pretends to know nothing. That is why it has to be told, over and over again, until we live in a world in which every mother can enjoy life with her child by her side, preferably in freedom.

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