World Milk Day

This year marks the 63rd World Milk Day in over 30 countries, which was launched by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Dairy Association (IDF). The reason for the introduction was to boost milk consumption. To achieve this goal, i.e. ultimately more profit, every means is right for you. Consumers have been lied to for decades and these lies are often spread by the addressees without having checked it or even thinking about it. It is good and right to form your opinion and not trust blindly, especially since you should always be suspicious when it comes to solid financial interests. Nonetheless, this maturity suddenly stops with such topics and those who try to uncover the truth are attacked.

This ignorance goes so far that many don’t even believe that a cow has to give birth to a calf to give milk. What most people take for granted with all other mammals would suddenly not apply to the cow. This is the finest brainwashing. But the truth is that a cow is 9 months pregnant (like a human mother) before having a calf. She has milk to feed the calf, her baby. Just for that. But milk is misused for humans, so it is necessary (and no, there is no real compromise) to take away the mother’s calf. It is completely incomprehensible that even a woman who is a mother herself and has seen these heartbreaking images of the separation of mother and baby does not immediately stop drinking breast milk from another species. How would she have felt if her baby had been taken away from her immediately after birth? Or are they really that good at ousting? For days, mother and child cry one after the other. And while the mother, often still in a strictly forbidden condition, is pumped down to the last drop and exploited to the limits of her performance, the little baby lives in a poor, miserable, lonely existence in a so-called calf box, exposed to all weather conditions and with it inferior milk replacer. However, this only applies to the female babies, who – as soon as possible – follow in their mother’s footsteps. This is also necessary because after three to five years, the cows are pumped out so quickly that they can only be brought to the slaughterhouse due to the turbo performance in milk production. Isn’t that enough to finally put an end to this disgusting procedure?

Then we look at the fate of the male babies. Because they are completely useless, they are transported thousands of kilometers in vans, under the most miserable conditions, underserved, in all weather conditions. The fact that a number of people die miserably is now collateral damage and has already been factored in. Still not enough?

Well, then let’s question the argument that gives milk the most upswing, namely that it is healthy. It is obvious to everyone that baby food is healthy, namely for the baby for whom it is intended. Dog milk is for puppies, donkey milk for foals, whale milk for baby whales and human breast milk for baby babies. Only cows‘ milk should suddenly be healthy for humans? The composition is precisely tailored to the needs of the baby cow, contains growth hormones that a baby needs, not a person who has been weaned. What do the growth hormones do in an adult human body? Whatever else they do, they let the cells grow, and then they are cancer cells. Milk consumption contributes to prostate, breast and colon cancer. Even the highly praised calcium cannot be absorbed. In countries with high milk consumption the osteoporosis rate is much higher than in those in which little or no milk is consumed. It shows a great sense of responsibility to give his children and grandchildren a substance that has now been proven to be anything but healthy.

To sum up: To obtain a substance that is unhealthy for humans, we inflict infinite suffering on millions of living things. Is it really worth it?

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