The Roast Pork Devourer

The roast pork is one of the favorite dishes of the trained Austrian. You can get it in every tavern and it is also indispensable on the festive table in a cozy home. A people of the carnivores are a people of the world annihilators. It’s that simple. Because of our meat addiction, more than 800 million people around the world are still starving. If you were to just give them soy, corn and cereals instead of stealing them from their plate to throw these valuable calories through the animals, we could not only fill you all up, but also feed a lot more people, but no, we steal something we get. We also let the rainforest, which is made for the feed, and because we are already there, thirsty because the water is also used and contaminated – for our roast pork, but also for the steak or chicken breast. The poorest of the poor are also the first to feel the effects of climate change, which is largely due to intensive livestock farming. But what interests’ nature, biodiversity or distant countries, as long as we can eat sick, fat and obviously stupid. Because a vegan world would be one without pandemics without hunger, with enough cultivated area, regenerated seas, fresh water and healthy people. All of this is known and it is understandable that you no longer want to hear it. Nevertheless, the majority of people go on as before and enjoy the roast pork and the steak and chicken fillet.

Diet and dealing with nature are determined by traditions. that is, something that is passed on from generation to generation. We suffocate in traditions that have locked us up so much that we don’t think about them, but adopt them silently, blindly and deaf. We are ready to accept changes in so many areas, but not in our eating habits. We rabidly throw ourselves at everyone who tries to change something about it. With teeth and claws that we don’t have, forks and knives, we throw ourselves into the breach of what everyone does, because everyone does it, because everyone does it. This has nothing to do with common sense, individual thinking or even independence. One agrees. In the family, in the circle of friends and in the social entity in which we operate. It cannot be different, which must not be different. And if the world goes down about it, well, at least it tasted good. But it would be wrong to attribute it to narrow-mindedness, stubbornness and stupidity. Trapped sluggishly in the anesthetic of the user and consumer society, we never tire of trying to hope. We dream of hammocks on the most interesting of all narcotics, because whoever hopes doesn’t change anything. Certainly not start a revolution that follows the chaos that we are all so afraid of. Because what if everything is not the same as before?

Anyone who claims a vegan life, however good the arguments may be, is immediately punished as a revolutionary and subversive, even if that means that we remain barbaric in our behavior towards our fellow creatures. We live in a modern era of dishwashers and refrigerators, cars and computers, while behaving like Stone Age people and insisting on being who they are. Where it is required to do without the roast pork, modern man mutates into a Neanderthal man, who still lacks the fangs and the strong teeth of a real carnivore, but this is also deliberately forgotten and drowned out by the cry that overwhelmed the pleasure in everything dead unites. We don’t want anything that is good for us, the environment and life, just the decaying. It must taste like suffering, murder and dead, then it is the right thing. And while we are strengthening the defensive wall for it, millions of our fellow creatures are creaking under the most horrific conditions, even of our own species. But that doesn’t matter, because if you choose to save the planet or the roast pork, the roast pork wins. And as we say our prayer to the God who supposedly allowed us to be so cruel, we wallow in the hope that salvation will come from somewhere, as if by magic. Only one thing must not be change.

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