Circus – The Suffering in the Arena

When you think of the circus, it means glitter and glamor, women in tight costumes and men in tuxedos, fearless acrobats and funny clowns, but above all mistreated animals who have to show things in the ring that completely contradict their natural behavior. If you take a closer look, you inevitably get the idea that these creatures are not only torn from their natural habitat, kept in tight cages for many days a year, no, they are also humiliated every evening during their performances by: imposing human will on them – in front of a laughing audience. Nobody has reservations about showing this farce to children. Because what do children learn?

Certainly not how wild animals behave, but simply that it is okay to hold our fellow creatures’ captive, to show them and to do violence to them. We tell our children that the most natural thing in the world is that the stronger, or the one who has the better equipment, such as batons, is allowed to injure others and cause them pain. It is a desensitization training so that our children are less empathetic, open and attentive each time. They learn that you can do what you want with the weaker simply because you can. Then you go home when the show is over and the animals are put in their stuffy, tight cages where they have to endure, at least 40 days a year when the circus changes location or when it is set up or dismantled. But even if the showroom stays for a few days, the animal employees are only allowed in a small run-out area that certainly does not meet their needs. If an animal gets old or sick, you can see that it is disposed of as quickly as possible. In the best case it is sold or put to sleep, in the worst exposed, so that it is miserable. No matter whether elephants, lions or dolphins, these sensitive animals are sentenced to life imprisonment for our amusement without anything they could do for it. They are forced to jump against primal instincts by burning tires, to make a fool of themselves with the most absurd costumes, or to be brought together with species that they would probably not tolerate alive in nature near them. Ultimately, it is only a matter of proving that humans can control nature. But every time man proves this, it is annihilated. Either fast and targeted like hunting or slowly, because the animals, physically and mentally ill, have to lead a completely different life. Ultimately, this behavior is shameful towards our fellow creatures, characterized by self-interest and arrogance.

Let’s enjoy the breathtaking tricks that the great artists present in the circuses. Let us be enchanted by profound performances by the clowns, but let’s say no to animals in the circus. No creature deserves to be so abused for one reason or another to entertain us. Every ticket that is not bought is a statement against exploitation and abuse. Because only where there is no longer any demand will there be no supply. Each one of us has it in our hands. Therefore, let’s support those circuses that only human artists present and avoid those with animals. It can be so easy to change something. The fun and the thrill don’t have to be left behind. Circus Roncalli shows it with sensational success. So, you can enjoy the show with a clear conscience, without suffering and exploitation.

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