Vegan Means Saying Yes to Life (2)

Half an hour later, Liv arrived at the vet. Just half an hour, which had seemed like an eternity. Nanna had run along well. Quite naturally. The veterinarian Dr. Wagenscheidt was still in the surgery, even though the office hour was over. He sat pensively behind the desk when Liv entered straight away with Nanna in tow and this tiny bundle of life in hands.
„Hello, Doctor!“ She gasped, still out of breath. The veterinarian slowly turned his gaze to the strange team.
„Greetings,“ replied the doctor, „what can I do for you? Isn’t that what I think? „
„I can’t say what you think and I don’t know what to do, but I feel like this baby will die if you don’t help him quickly,“ Liv said.

„Where did you get it from, this piglet?“ Asked the doctor after he got up, walked around the table and stopped right in front of Liv.
„Does it matter?“ Said Liv irritated, „There is a living being that obviously needs your help urgently and that’s what counts.“
„I ask because I’m afraid you got it from the Huber farmer’s garbage can. And that’s theft,” he explained to Liv.
„But he wanted to throw them away anyway. Bad luck that it was still alive,“ replied Liv cynically, „Do you help the little one now or not? If not, I’ll look for another doctor.” That made him give in. After carefully examining the little creature, the diagnosis was fairly straightforward. It was malnourished and dehydrated. That’s why it came to the drip. Liv spent the rest of the day waiting. She kept checking to see if he was still raising and lowering his chest, but it did not really live for hours, but was apparently too strong to die. At last it showed the first signs of having chosen life. It opened its eyes and tried to get the little legs. The doctor seemed satisfied with his little patient and sent Liv home with her. „I’ll call you Runa, that sounds so mysterious,“ thought Liv as she entered the house and realized for the first time that she now had a new roommate. How would her mother react? She had no time to think about this question because the woman who had given her life was standing in front of her.

„Where have you been all the time? We were so worried. Just go away and don’t come home until many hours later and don’t say a word and we couldn’t reach you either,” bubbled Liv’s mother unchecked.
„Sorry, my battery was empty and I had an emergency,“ Liv said evasively when her mother finally saw the bundle she was carrying.
„What is that, please?“ Asked her mother pointedly.
„It’s a piglet,“ Liv replied calmly.
„I see that,“ said her legal guardian in a completely illogical manner, because she had just asked about it, „I actually wanted to say what is this cattle doing here in our house?“
„I found it in the garbage can and prevented it from cruelly dying,“ explained Liv, „I was at the vet and it looks like she is coming over the mountain.“
„So you want to tell me that you stole it and now you bring it with you and have also spent a lot of money on the doctor?“ Her mother said.
„But he would have just let it die,“ Liv made another attempt.
„That’s how it is in nature,“ replied her mother soberly, „animals die.“
“But it wasn’t in nature, it was in a garbage can. Is it natural that animals are stuffed into garbage cans to let them die?” Liv replied angrily.
„Well, it’s not that bad,“ said her mother, „It certainly didn’t notice anything anyway. But if it’s there, well, you can snap it up with your father. And the meal is ready. „
„What is there?“ Liv wanted to know.
„Roast pork,“ said the lady of the house, shrugging.
„I won’t eat meat anymore! No more! That’s why poor, innocent creatures have to die in garbage cans,” explained Liv.

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