Vegan Means Saying Yes to Life (4)

So, Liv contented herself with the side dishes. She glanced furtively at the plates of the others who were eating tirelessly. Admittedly, as Liv had done the day before, but when she saw the flesh, it turned into a living being before her eyes that did not want to die, heard the screams of pain and abandonment, fear and of terror, saw the terrified eyes before her. Imprisoned for life, completely innocent. And above all, why didn’t the others see it? Was she the only one who could see? It was as if she were the only one who had awakened and everyone else was still asleep, a sleep in which suffering and misery and terror are ignored and which they call life.

„Now finally eat properly,“ her mother tore her out of her thoughts.
„That’s enough!“ Suddenly thundered her father, completely unexpected. For a moment there was silence, abysmal silence, but Liv’s mother quickly recovered.
„What do you mean now?“ She asked piqued.
“That means that I’m doing something now that I should have done a long time ago,” explained her father, while demonstratively removing the meat from his plate. “For years I have submitted, just for the sake of peace. Actually, decades. I’ve lived against my own conscience and now my own daughter makes it clear to me that there is nothing to justify that.“
„So you are now against me too?“, Anneliese snapped, „If you should support me against this nonsense, you will stab me in the back.“
„No, I’m not stabbing you in the back and trying to spare other living beings is not nonsense, but the only thing that really makes sense,“ her husband continued unmoved.
„You will be sorry for that!“ Anneliese continued to moan.
„No, the only thing I’m sorry about is that I let you patronize me for so long,“ explained Hector, Liv’s father.
“He calls it patronizing”, repeated Anneliese, “I always meant it well. That’s totally unhealthy. Man is a carnivore, because the Stone Age people were already there and what about the lions and the Inuit, they would starve, and what about the proteins and the vitamin B12 and the soy from the rainforest. „
“We are neither Stone Age people nor Inuit nor lions. We don’t need soy from the rainforest, only the so-called farm animals. And we get enough proteins, don’t worry,” said Hector unmoved.
“If that’s the case, then you can go straight away,” said Anneliese, “you and your failed daughter and this horrible pig. I don’t want to see you in my house as long as you talk such nonsense. „
“Well, let’s go then,” said Liv’s father, got up and lifted little Runa in his arms, then turned to his wife again, “I won’t spend another night in a house where you are ready for such a thing Being who wants nothing but to live and actually has nothing more than to take away his life, just that, in order to be too cowardly to do it himself. The others are allowed to murder so that they no longer have to think about it when it is neatly packed on the shelf. It couldn’t be more inhuman.” With that he gave Liv his hand and left the house with her. The last thing she heard was the enjoyable smacking of her little brother Kevin, who had quietly continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

„And what do we do now?“, Liv asked irritated when they stood on the street, she, her father, Nanna, who had automatically gone along, and the baby Runa. For a few minutes Hector just stood there and stared straight ahead, as if he couldn’t believe that he had actually done that. Finally, his daughter’s question pulled him back to reality and a smile played on his lips.
“Come on, I have an idea. We’ll try Zoe,” he said with conviction.
„Do you mean that crazy artist who lives on the farm?“ Liv wanted to make sure.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean,” her father replied curtly, “If we can ask anyone for advice, it is you.” With that, Hector pushed all three girls into his car. A few minutes later they stopped in front of the square courtyard where Zoe lived.

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