Vegan means Saying yes to Life (5)

Liv was already feeling a little queasy when they approached the front door after what was rumored in town about this Zoe. Of course, people liked to tell a lot, whether it was true or not, but there had to be something to it. Her father rang the bell vigorously and a few minutes later a woman stood across from them. She was dressed all in black and her short, cut dark hair stuck out from her head. On her t-shirt it said “Life Liberation League”.
„Hello!“, She said smiling after she had let her gaze wander over the small group, „What can I do for you?“
“Hello!”, Liv’s father replied, “I would like to introduce ourselves first. My daughter Liv, our dog Nanna and our newcomer Runa.” With that he pointed to the little baby who slept blissfully in Liv’s arms. “And my name is Hector. We came because we don’t know anyone else who can help us.“

„I would say you come in first and we will discuss everything over a cup of tea,“ suggested Zoe. Without waiting for an answer, she maneuvered the four of them into the house and let them take a seat in the winter garden. Minutes later they sat around the table, supplied with the tea that had been announced. “Well what can I do for you? How can I help you?“
“Today I rescued this baby from a garbage can,” Liv began without further preamble, “And since I’ve seen this garbage can, heard the screams of the pigs in the barn, it’s like everything I’ve done so far, totally wrong. It’s as if I woke up suddenly and the world is different from what it was just a moment ago. I see what I didn’t see before. I hear what I didn’t hear before. I feel what I didn’t feel before. And that tells me that so much needs to be changed, but nobody else.“
“That is why my daughter refused to eat meat today,” continued Hector. “It was the same for me many years ago. But then came the marriage and the building of the house and the children and I had forgotten or rather pushed it aside. It was exhausting enough. But when Liv spoke about it today, I knew there were no more excuses, no reason not to finally admit that it was the only right thing to do. Then exactly what I expected happened. We encountered complete incomprehension. And that in your own family. Liv’s mother, my wife, kicked us out of the house. We should come back when we were normal again, so cause suffering again.“
„I don’t understand why my own mother reacts like we did something to her,“ Liv said, shaking her head.
“It’s easy to explain,” said Zoe thoughtfully, “I would actually have been surprised at any other reaction, because what you’re doing is nothing less than a revolution, and the gentlest revolution in the world. Let us associate revolution with destruction and decline, which is also true in this case, only that no things are destroyed, only that which destroys, what negates life and destroys the earth. Because it indicates to people that what they have been doing so far will lead to annihilation and death. If you no longer want that, then you would have to change your life completely. But that would mean that they would have to admit to having done a lot wrong so far. Now they don’t want to change anything, nor do they want to make confessions. That is why they attack those who bring this message. Even if it may not seem logical to continue working on your own downfall, it is understandable. Anyone who chooses a vegan life must be aware that they will bring any abuse to light. Therefore, it is also the logical consequence that people who live vegan are fought and discredited by all possible means, and only because they stand up for others.“
“Seen that way, it sounds plausible, if not very encouraging,” said Hektor, “but how can you convince people that you actually want something good, that change can be positive? How can you make others see, hear and feel so that they understand?“

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