Milk is Suffering

Milk is suffering, sickness, murder & death
Milk destroys your health and the life of the cows.

There is a world osteoporosis day.
Decrease in bone density.
Millions of people are affected.
Drink more milk,
they are told
from doctors.
Then why is the proportion so high in countries
in which a lot of dairy products are consumed?
Because it’s a lie.
One should know better.
The calcium in cow’s milk breaks the bones.
They don’t say that.
Because they don’t want
that we are healthy.
Sick people are good for the system.
Osteoporosis is good
for the pharmaceutical industry
for the hospitals
for the doctors
for the dairy industry
for industry.
Healthy people don’t make money.
The pharmaceutical lobby remains seated on its medication.
The doctors would not be busy.
The hospitals have far fewer patients.
The dairy industry would have no sales markets.
Industry would have to cut production.

We are kept sick
so that the economy works.

Milk is suffering.
Turbo dairy cows are separated from their calves.
We’ll drink the baby food away from them.
Calves are transported.
Thousands of kilometers.
Without supply.
Or you let them starve to death.
The ones you need stand alone in calf boxes.
In any weather, alone.
Turbo cows suffer from inflammation and starvation of their bodies.
After three years they are thrown away.
Because we want to drink milk.
What a sick system.

Milk is a disease
You want to make sure
that you have a good chance
Getting colon cancer
or breast cancer
or prostate cancer?
Then drink milk.
Milk is the best
what you can do for your future cancer.
For this are living beings
and thrown away
so that we can consume something
what makes us sick.
What a sick system.

We will no longer be fooled.
We no longer allow ourselves to be made sick.
We can no longer be taken advantage of
to maintain a sick system.
Very easily!
We no longer consume dairy products!

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