Normal and extreme

It is normal to bring a felled tree into the house shortly before Christmas and slowly watch it die while the so-called festival of love is celebrated. From January 6th you can see the dead trees lying around everywhere, disused, thrown away and all that for a few days of prettiness.

It is extreme to look for a tree in nature that is hung with a number of delicacies for the wild animals. Extreme, because you let the tree live and do the prettiness not only for yourself, but also to do good to others. But the most extreme is that you don’t want to buy the tree and own it, you just leave it alone.

It is also normal at Christmas that we celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus while the corpses of animals are piled on our plates, including those of babies. While we want to celebrate life, death is central everywhere. Death on the plate and between people who have nothing left but to favor the presents, the empty, hollow things.

On the other hand, it is extreme to give each other time and activities, laughter and security, games and fun together at Christmas, a place where you are accepted and at home, beyond all material things.

It is normal in our society to lock babies in small boxes and leave them outside, whatever the weather and, above all, all alone. Or, alternatively, they can be transported on vans so that they can be transported thousands of kilometers without being supplied, in cold or hot weather. If they die on the way, they will be disposed of like garbage.

However, it is extreme to stop drinking breast milk from other species because you no longer want to watch babies being separated from their mothers and how they are forced impregnated every year with their breasts bloated to the extreme. But it’s even more extreme when you feel sorry for those lonely, little, abandoned babies.

It is normal to cram thousands of individuals together in artificially lit halls, get them ready for slaughter in record time and pump them full of antibiotics so that they can survive even this short period of time.

It is extreme to forego meat because you not only want other living beings to die for me, but also have to grow up under such unworthy conditions, do not want to be jointly responsible for the fact that a life consists of nothing but torture and suffering and pain.

It is normal to dispose of living things directly, simply because they cannot be used in the production process. Just like millions of chicks that end up in the shredder immediately after they hatch from the egg.

It is extreme not to eat eggs just because you don’t want to keep mothers out of their babies, not wanting to watch them be completely exploited within a very short time by the constant pressure to lay eggs.

It is normal to know that new pandemics are constantly being bred in the stables and that antibiotic resistance is emerging, so that we may die of the next pneumonia because the drugs are no longer useful.

It is extreme to condemn all these practices and to stand up for nature, animals and human health.

It is normal not to want to know anything about these conditions at first.

It is extreme when one draws attention to these grievances and demands a change.

It is normal not to talk about the victims, to ignore them, because it is much more important to defend one’s lifestyle and it is quite normal that millions of corpses lead to a good life.

It is extreme to give the victims a face, to see behind the scenes, whom one likes to keep hidden and criminalize those who destroy the illusions.

It is normal to be necrophile.

It is extreme to stand up for life.

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