Dr. Basti Builds Bridges

“There he is, our animal lover”, says the farmer Adolf happily, “Come on, sit down, have a snack with us. The finest bacon from our happy pigs and a schnapps. Do you drink schnapps? A stone pine. Schedule yourself. It’s not like the horrible, spoiled stuff from the supermarket.“ „Thanks for the invitation,“ says Basti, „But I don’t want to make any fuss.“

“Oh, what a circumstance. Whatever you have to be so complicated, you townspeople, but you will also learn,“ says Adolf, „Listen, Alosia, bring another place setting. The graduate eats with us.“

“Yes, really, simple people with us,” says Aloisia as she walks through the kitchen door into the living room with a broad smile, “But that’s an honor. And that when he talks so well about us, the doctor. Not like the others. That’s right Adolf.“

“Well what, you can take it easy,” replies Adolf with conviction. “But Adolf, look what you’re saying,” interjects Aloisia shyly, while she puts the board with the snack in front of the doctor from town.

„We’ll just talk about how we’ve grown up, you have to excuse us,“ explains Adolf.

“Please be the same as always”, says the Basti conciliatory, “It’s about authenticity, the powerful, the original. I want to find a reconciliation between town and country and to straighten out the distorted image of agriculture that the opponents are drawing. So that people can finally find out what kind of good people farmers are and, above all, how much they care about their animals.“

“You can believe that”, confirms Adolf, “do we want to go to the stable? Then I’ll show you everything. „

“But very much,” replies the academically educated person to the one who is bursting with awareness of tradition.

„Come on in then,“ says the farmer a few minutes later after he has opened the stable door and asks the animal lover who is building the bridge, who immediately turns up his nose. Adolf, who does not escape this, says, “See what we are going to endure because the critters stink so much. But you get used to it, you can’t help it, the poor critters, gel. Wait a minute, I’ll just get that out of there. Look, that’s halfway there because only the strongest get through. But we don’t just let it die. We have a concrete wall.” With that he takes the animal and hits his head against the said wall until it stops moving and stops making a sound. Basti swallows briefly, then pulls himself together, yes that is true animal love, instead of a long, senseless suffering just a short one.

“Truly humane,” he says.

“You see, at last someone who understands that”, Adolf feels confirmed, “But then you have to come along to the piglets. It’s time to castrate the guys. Look, you take it, turn it on your back, make two cuts, chuckle and chuckle and tear out your testicles. That doesn’t feel anything yet.“

„And why does it then scream like that?“, the academic can not refrain from asking, in his urban oversensitivity.

“It’s just a reflex. Do you need … You don’t need to think about anything,” says the farmer succinctly.

„That’s what I thought anyway,“ says the doctor, „because the farmers love their animals and treat them well.“

“And that with the fully slatted floors, you know, you know how they like it, it’s so nice and cool in summer,” adds the farmer.

“Cool in summer”, the guest repeats, still pale as chalk in the face, only to pull himself together after all, “After all, in Austria there is no factory farming, only in nasty foreign countries.”

“Exactly, and then you can have another one, a stone pine,” explains the farmer, while the agriculturally uneducated but otherwise scientifically depraved follows him.

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