The disposed Dog

„Only an hour more!“, I thought, „Then you’ll be home and I haven’t even started cooking.“ As always at the last minute, I tore myself from my work and began to prepare everything in the kitchen, what I needed to prepare an evening meal to feed a poor, tired man. „Shit, no rice.“ Another look at the clock. It would work out to go to the supermarket quickly and still start cooking in good time. If I couldn’t finish, then you’d just have to be patient for a few minutes. I dreaded the thought. You and be patient? No, it had to work out. So, I found myself in the middle of the worst snowfall we had seen in a long time.

A few minutes later I was on my way back. I fished my cell phone out of my pocket to see what time it was. „Very well, that can still work,“ I tried to calm myself down without really succeeding. I laboriously stuffed the cell phone back into my jacket pocket when the rice fell out of my hands, but instead of a silent notice in the snow, I heard a faint whimper. I took a closer look. Then I discovered a string that was tied to a small tree. I took the string in my hand and followed it to the other end, which was tied to a collar. The collar, in turn, was worn by a small, black dog that was completely snowed in. I carefully freed him from the snow. Only then did I notice how he was trembling. Without even thinking for a moment, I loosened the cord and picked him up. I took him home as soon as possible, rubbed him dry with a towel, and made him a soft spot in front of the fireplace. Slowly the trembling stopped and he became calmer. After I fed him, he fell asleep exhausted.

„What is that supposed to be?“ You asked, looking over my shoulder at the small bundle of life that woke up from sleep, visibly startled by your rude tone.
„Don’t be so loud, he’s still scared,“ I replied. I actually hadn’t heard you approach, I was so absorbed in the sight of this dog, who would undoubtedly have frozen to death if I hadn’t found it by chance.
„What’s that there?“ You continued loudly, deliberately ignoring my request.
„It’s a dog,“ I explained, confused, because it was hard to miss.
„I can see that for myself!“, You beat me, „You know that I don’t want any animals in the house.“ I hadn’t known that, but that had never been an issue either.
„Should I have let him freeze to death outside in the snow?“ I replied, confused.
„Not that, but you could have taken him away straight away, to the animal shelter or something,“ you said and now I saw her, the anger in your eyes.
“I couldn’t have done that without a car. It was also necessary for him to warm up and regain his strength,” I continued trying to appease you, even if I didn’t really believe that I would succeed.
„Is it at least cooked?“ You suddenly changed the subject.
„I completely forgot about that,“ I admitted, remembering that the rice was still out in the snow.
“So, the mutt is more important to you than me! He gets something to eat, but I don’t! „, You bark at me, „I’ll tell you one thing, nobody has ever treated me as shabbily as you. And I don’t put up with that. Either the dog goes or I do.“
„Is that your last word?“ I asked, no longer insecure, because this being needed my protection and my help, but you didn’t.
“Yes, that’s it!” You answered irrevocably.
„Well, then you know where the door is“, I explained sadly, but also a little relieved, because otherwise how could I have noticed how heartless you are.

I still heard the door slam into the lock. Then I turned to the little one, who slowly calmed down and finally fell asleep. And I was sure that there could and cannot be another decision.

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