The Absolute Truth

Lately I have been increasingly suspecting that more and more people tend to use a few scraps of information to form their truth, which is then absolute. I had to feel it on my own body when I went for a walk with the dogs in the forest a few days ago. For more than ten years now, we have been using the paths to enjoy nature, to breathe deeply, to switch off. A peaceful piece of earth that is not even 100 m away from my house.

Meanwhile, my male dog is old and our walks are becoming more contemplative every day. It is difficult for him to breathe, especially if he thinks in between that he has to let off steam and overcomes himself. Then we stand still for a few minutes, he sticks his nose in the air and gasps for breath. „Beginning larynx paralysis“ was the diagnosis, but this does not prevent him from going for a walk, just slowly and with one or the other standing break. And just as we were standing in the middle of the path, admittedly, a group of mountain bikers rolled up behind us who had to brake abruptly. “Fuck off, Bitch!” Was one of the nicer statements. Apparently, they were unanimously of the opinion that I was standing here because I wanted to make life difficult for them. „Two minutes of patience,“ I asked, but it was unnecessary. I could just as easily stand somewhere else. They didn’t hear that I couldn’t do that. Didn’t want to hear. They squeezed past me under further abuse. As soon as they were out of sight, my big boy trotted off and we continued walking normally. I could of course have tried to shout over the ranting tirades to explain to them why we were here and nowhere else. But they were obviously convinced that I was only there to annoy them, me and my dogs, to do them too much, as they had to know that it was not allowed to ride a bike on this route. The bikers themselves are to blame for this, however. Years ago, when there were no regulations, one of them fell over a root and was seriously injured. Anyone who has ever experienced the speed at which some of them race down the narrowest paths is more likely to be surprised that nothing more happens. Now every normal person would think, „I have to be more careful next time“. But he was of the opinion that the forest owner was to blame and unceremoniously sued him. One could also think that the court would judge that this is the responsibility of the traveler. Not even close. The judiciary agreed with the biker and sentenced the forest owner to substantial damages. After all, it is also grossly negligent that roots grow how they want or that a branch is lying around somewhere. A general driving ban was then issued. After tough negotiations, the forest owners agreed with the wheeled forest users that they could use certain, specially marked paths from now on. Since then, you can see signs indicating which routes are allowed. Except that no one sticks to it. Personally, I have no problem with it, as long as you look after each other and show consideration. Most of them do, but there are always clashes where pedestrians cannot escape fast enough to give way to men and women on their bikes. It’s just stupid if you aren’t able to jump straight into the nearest bush. And if you do not do that, it will be hard to conclude from doing it with bad intentions, to diligence for them. If they had listened to me for a moment, I could have explained it. But it was enough for them to see that there was someone standing around seemingly unmotivated in order to construct their truth from it, their absolute truth. But is it really so difficult not to judge, to condemn, to judge immediately, and instead to ask once more what is behind it that is not obvious? Is it so absurd not to immediately assume malevolence of others, primarily against oneself? Of course, not everyone is like that, because it has also happened to me that a stroller stopped, looked at my dog and asked if everything was okay with him. Then I told her and she understood. It could be as simple as that if one does not feel that one is in possession of the absolute truth.

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