Animal Welfare – Made in Austria

Anyone who saw the pictures and films of the latest revelation of the VGT was horrified, and rightly so, as I said. One saw mother pigs squeezed into crates and in so-called farrowing boxes. These iron frames are just big enough that the animal caught in them has enough space to stand in them. It touches the neighbor as soon as she lies down. The animals are littered with open spots and ulcers, some of them the size of a child’s head. In addition to the mother pigs, the piglets with their faces cut up as a result of the fight for the teats. Degraded to a teat machine that can’t help but crush the little one when it moves a little. She can’t avoid it. Babies who are dying or have already died, cooped up between shit and their siblings, of course on fully slatted floors. The garbage cans are full of dead piglets. So much for the starting point. Great excitement fell upon the people who saw it. I am now very happy that I can give the all-clear and that we can all pack our horror again. It is not the circumstances that are to blame, but our ignorance.

Because the veterinarians who were ordered to carry out an immediate check, an official veterinarian and two other veterinarians, stated that “the animal breeding farm is being managed appropriately and properly”. You would not have found any relevant grievances. In addition, Pyhras Mayor Günter Schaubach commented accordingly: „I am convinced that the farmers, regardless of whether they are pig or cattle farming, are closely monitored by the authorities and everything is done for animal welfare.“ Then everything is in perfect order, and what the eye can see is animal welfare, Made in Austria, one of the highest, as they say. But how can it then happen that people imagine that the conditions are horrible and unworthy?

This has to do with the fact that those who express their horror simply have no idea of the matter. They watch films like “The Sheep Pig” or “Wilbur” or the AMA meat commercial and they said it was actually like that. They are spoiled city dwellers who have never worked in their lives. These farms are kept under lock and key not because they have something to conceal, but because the aim is to avoid the nostalgic, non-agricultural eye turning what happened out of it, namely a scandal where there is none. It is simply the course of life. The farrowing pens are only there to protect the piglets. If they weren’t there, the mothers would lay down on all the piglets and crush them. In the pasture, where they build a nest, that’s where they do it. They wait until all the piglets have lay down and then crush them. The only pigs that don’t are the wild boars, but only to annoy the hunters and farmers by breeding. And when a few die, it’s like in nature, only the strongest get through. But there you can’t make the empathy-distorted, sentimental non-farmers clear. Not even the animal rights activists who gain unauthorized access. They just don’t notice that all of this is happening for their own good, so that the meat still tastes good. In addition, one must not forget the pigs‘ will to conquer. As we all know from “Animal Farm”, if they had more freedom they would otherwise drive people from the farm and take over rule. First over the court and then world domination. Only people who are hardened by the brass band and church attendance and know the God-given order, which assigns the creature the lowest place, locked in a stable, at the mercy of man, the crown of creation, have insight into it. So, everything happens in harmony with nature and within the cycle of life, subject to the everlasting law of „eat and be eaten“. Only the degenerate city dwellers do not want to admit it, but what wind, weather and beast fight-tested farmers are, who know that sentimental faxes cannot be afforded. Therefore, those who have no idea should be protected from reality, like small children.

Why don’t I get rid of this feeling that no creature in the world, not even the last cockroach, deserves to be treated like this? Stubbornness, lack of insight and awareness of tradition, these are the ingredients from which callous, power-hungry people are made who have learned to subordinate themselves. Is it any wonder then that they trample on those who cannot defend themselves? Anyone who really wants to change something about this, seriously and sustainably, does without animal products. Everything else is pure cosmetics and eye-wiping, so that we will read and hear about such horrific conditions over and over again, for a few minutes of horror, and then worry about other things again. After all, life is hard enough.

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