Free-Range Humans

Volker Matis, secretary of the chairman of the Club of the Ten Biggest, which includes the ten largest corporations in the world, was lucky to be able to take part in the secret summit. Within a very short time he had managed to make himself indispensable for his boss, Mr. Hademar Wilhelm-Cock. He carefully switched on the tape recorder to record his immediate superior’s opening speech.

My dear gentlemen and colleagues!

We have achieved a lot in recent years. That this is possible at all is of course thanks to our commercial skills, our willingness to take risks and our tireless diligence. Of course. So that we have now managed to have the majority of the markets we work under our direct control. This is a great success and all forecasts indicate that we will soon have managed to have all economic processes within our immediate sphere of influence. The constant airs of those who refused to work, they also call themselves eco- or animal activists, consumer advocates, etc. could also contribute to this. Let’s leave them their playground, but everything under supervision. We have everything under control. Despite all our efforts, we must never forget that we owe this extensive success and influence to our fathers and forefathers. You have basically laid the foundations for human resources to function so smoothly.

Perhaps not everyone knows it anymore, but it is thanks to hard work and strict measures that people in Europe and the US are now functioning so well. It should not be forgotten that at the beginning of the so-called industrial revolution, most people worked in agriculture, i.e. they worked according to nature, had no discipline and no ambition. They had to be trained to do this first. It’s hard to imagine these days, but just getting them to show up at the factory at the same time each day was a challenge. The school factor as a place of discipline was still largely unknown. In order to have at least a minimum number of workers, one was forced to chain them to the machines. I know that this is now frowned upon in our circles, but remember that the loosening of the outer shackles was and is only possible through the tireless building of inner shackles. The external whip is no longer needed, for it has been replaced by the internal one. For many years, the people in the company and school have been disciplined to such an extent that they internalized these values. This inner drive to get up in the morning, to pursue a meaningless activity for years in order to say goodbye to retirement at some point, but also the fear of unemployment, poverty and of being socially marginalized are factors that make it possible to leave them now in free range. Because we can be sure that you will be back at the company after a weekend or vacation. Politics and the media are constantly practicing to instill the values of a bourgeois society based on the division of labor into people. A good person is one who gets up in the morning, works well, goes home in the evening and rests for the next day. In his free time he has to consume and pay for our products, so that there is again a circular economy, which results in the money always coming back to us. Unfortunately, we have not yet achieved this in many so-called developing countries. But from history we know how to handle it, so that we will soon have work-conscious, consumer-hungry people all over the world who we no longer have to monitor and can thus release into free-range husbandry. This will be the challenge that we must and will face in the years to come.

Thank you for your attention.

While the applause was still roaring, Volker Matis switched off the recording device. These records would certainly be interesting for people, but he could not spread it further than within the inner circle of activists, because the media, which, like everything else, were in the hands of the monopoly, would not dare to publish it. Even if they did, it would be very difficult to get people to believe it. After all, from education and school they knew what was good for them. They would dismiss this as invented and turn against the uncoverers rather than the oppressors. Still, they would try. It wasn’t too late.

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