Day of the Mother

Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day, her special day
Breakfast is made for her, optionally brought to bed
Ham roll, soft egg, coffee with milk
„How nice it is to have my children around me,“ she thinks,
“To be with each other, maybe we will go on a trip”.
And while she is allowed to be a mother
i.e. being allowed to be with her children,
does she not think about it
that there are millions of mothers in the world
where the togetherness at this very moment
is denied with their children,
forced to give birth
never be allowed to be mothers
for ham roll, soft egg and coffee with milk.

For the ham that tastes so delicious
the pig mother is inseminated, artificially,
when the time of childbirth comes
she is put in a so-called farrowing box,
a metal case that is just that big like her self,
where she can’t even turn around
so that the babies tumble out of her,
without that she can care.
From the beginning, the little ones are on their own.
Gotta find the teats in order to drink.
Usually there are more babies than teats.
Who can’t starve, dying of thirst.
A mother who has to watch
how her babies vegetate and die next to her.
In the nature,
she would have built them a nest
she is lovingly cared for,
cuddled with them,
digged and played in the earth.
She would have sung them lullabies.
cooped up in a body-tight cage,
may she give birth but never be a mother.
Does not matter,
when the ham roll tastes good.

For the breakfast egg that mom loves to eat
chicken moms are forced
laying an egg every day.
Ten times as many as in nature.
That costs substance.
After a year, her strength is drained.
They end up in the soup pot.
There is nothing more to be done with them.
They lay eggs
because they want to get their nest full,
but how is that supposed to work
when it’s taken away from them every day.
It’s an act of desperation.
A nest,
that they will never have
never brood in peace
and see their babies hatch
introduce them to the secrets of being a chicken.
She will never hide the little ones under her wings
and watch them grow up.
Instead, they come under a heat lamp.
Cold hatching, despite the warmth.
Then when they hatch half of them go into the shredder,
because they are useless as male chicks.
She is allowed to lay eggs
but never be a mother.
Does not matter,
if you like to eat the breakfast egg so much.

For the milk in the coffee
the cow mama is artificially inseminated,
every year,
because a cow does not give milk
because she is a cow
but because she is a mother.
Her body produces the food for her baby
but now human has decided
that the baby is not allowed to have milk,
because he wants it for himself
everything for himself.
That is why babies are torn away from their mother
right after they are born.
Optionally put alone in small boxes.
They are getting poor quality milk replacer.
When they are girls.
Definitely to follow in their mothers‘ footsteps.
If they are boys
who cannot give milk
come on vans,
unsupervised, scared,
to be transported thousands of kilometers.
And the mother is crying out for her babies for days.
She can’t understand
Why can’t she be with them?
Why can’t she build them a nest
take care of them
and give them their milk?
The calf boxes are very close by.
She can hear her baby
but she cannot go to him.
She is desperate,
like every mother
who will be taken away from her baby.
She has to produce milk,
Bred to give ten times as much milk than her baby would need.
Your body is emaciated.
She can’t eat enough to cover the enormous expenditure of energy.
After an average of four years
she can no longer afford it.
She is sorted out way ahead of time.
She was never allowed
to be a mother
even if she is constantly being forced to give birth.
Does not matter,
when the milk makes the coffee so delicious.

And so I dream of a world
in which no mother’s babies are taken away anymore,
no woman is forced any more,
to act as a birthing or generating machine,
so that it is also Mother’s Day for everyone,
every day of the year.

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