You crept into my heart

Actually, I’m the prince in the house. Not from the start, of course. When you come to your owners as a small puppy, the first thing to do is to sound out the situation. Smart dogs do that, and with all modesty, I can count myself to this breed. Not like others who storm into the house with over-zeal and impertinence and take possession of everything. People don’t like it that much. A puppy is looked after a lot, but something sticks in the memory. I, for my part, acted shyly.

It started with the garden door. There they put me down and I sat there for the time being, frowning and giving the image of absolute forlornness and abandonment. They came running and asked me to go on. I followed cautiously, but always with small steps, sometimes there, sometimes here sniffing, until I finally got to the door. I looked inside skeptically and this time I stayed seated until I got my first treat. So, the whole thing worked flawlessly. People are so easy to train. According to this motto, I gradually conquered not only their hearts, but also the couch and the bed. If they behaved well, they received a reward. Positive reinforcement is still the best method of parenting. How do people like to play? They throw sticks and are happy that they are flying away. I never quite understood that, but I just sat down and watched them. To get them, however, is entirely beneath my dignity. If you already enjoy throwing it away, then you should kindly get it yourself. I kept calm, and even if people behaved foolishly at times, I was wise and far-sighted enough to look after them. They are just human after all and don’t understand it any better. It is only important – and I know no pardon – that food is reliably available and that I am taken for a walk whenever I feel like it. Otherwise I ask for silence. After all, I need a lot of time to recover from the rigors of being a dog. And the educational work, believe me, is by no means a walk in the park. For my part, I understand the worries and needs of educators for little people very well, but since I generally do not interfere in human affairs as long as they do not directly concern me, I am eloquently silent. Good they are my people. Basically, I had nothing to complain about, except for a few small things, but no parenting work is perfect, not even mine, but then they did something that was really the worst thing they could do, and to this day I still don’t understand why they should were even able to.

One day they put a puppy in front of my nose, and a girl at that. I was deeply offended by my honor as host and male head of the household. Not only did the little one has absolutely no demeanor, run after me at every step and cheekily ate my food if I took too long, she also lay down on my favorite berths. When she came, I went, but she persisted. She was always around me, nudging me, wagging her tail, licking my lips, and even if I didn’t want to, she somehow managed to wrap me around her finger or paw, simply by not doing it gave up, and actually – I had to admit that – I was missing a playmate. Now it had become a female playmate, but at least then I knew for sure that she would not dispute my place. And I hate fighting for anything. Now I’m lying on the couch and the little one, who is now as tall as me, lies down next to me. It is good that it is here, I have to admit by now. However, she did it, but she has crept into my heart and I can only sleep peacefully when she is next to me.

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