Human, do you know what are you doing to me?

Human, do you know what it feels like when your family is destroyed?

Can you understand how I suffer
When I get pregnant every year
Just so that my child will be snatched away from me
My girl they put in the calf crate
Where I can hear them
Call out to her
And yet I can’t take care of her
So close,
Forever lost
My son,
whom they put in the van,
One more baby
To send him thousands of kilometers to his death.

Human, do you know how painful it is to exploit your body?

Can you understand the pain I have to endure
If I’m way too early
Having to give birth to a child
And my body gives ten times as much milk
When this little creature needed
Because this body cannot do otherwise
Than constantly producing at high pressure
And destroys himself in the process
Because that’s how you bred me.
And while I’m getting emaciated and weaker
Does production go on and on?
A means of production that is constantly running at high pressure,
Until I’m so exploited at five
That my body refuses
Getting pregnant again
And I’m nothing more
As a disposable item.

Human, do you know how you harm yourself and the environment?

Can’t you understand
That the milk
That my body produces
Is made for
Let my baby grow and prosper
But harms your body
Makes cancer cells grow
And damage the bones
That overproduction
So much water and feed consumed
That is grown somewhere
And taken away from other people
That I’m pumped full of antibiotics
That you drink with
And without which I wouldn’t survive this ordeal.

Human, do you know what you’re doing to me?

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