No Meat From Abroad

“We don’t want to see meat from abroad on our supermarket shelves!” Is the tenor, “Not even at the trusted butcher, who you know anyway that the animal lived happily before it was sausage and filleted. You know everything. The animals in Austria are doing well, very well in fact. After all, we are among the countries with the highest animal welfare standards in the world, as announced by Minister Köstinger, Minister of Agriculture in our beautiful country. And she must know. So it’s also true. Because politicians never lie.

It must be said, however, that most people are unfamiliar with agriculture. Therefore, in their degenerate brains damaged by civilization, some things seem brutal to them, which is ultimately for the welfare of the animals. Somebody only has to explain it to them correctly once.

If you now see that the sows are lying in the crates, it is for their own good. They are not dogs and if you instead see how disoriented they would be in the pasture, then you know that the crate stands mean security and stability for them. Quite unmolested by all the others, they are allowed to throw their piglets. The little ones can of course cuddle up to her if they want, but – let’s be honest – what you like so much as mother’s love is a mere instinctive act, so quasi a reflex. There is nothing more to it than that. Then, of course, when the little ones have their testicles removed, some remedy is used to calm the nerves. It doesn’t take more. They are still so small, they don’t feel any pain at all. Their screams are more of a surprise than a feeling. Prove me wrong. And if one of them is a little smaller, the trained specialist takes it to kill it with a targeted blow. It’s almost compassionate, because what if you didn’t? The little one would sooner or later perish miserably anyway. Nature is just brutal. If the mother sow has fewer teats than piglets, some die. As always, the person intervenes in a helpful and benevolent manner. Life on fully slatted floors is also for your best. Pigs can’t sweat. That’s why they like to lie on the cold concrete when it’s hot. But of course, you can’t understand that if you just let your feelings guide you and have no idea about the matter.

That is why my appeal would be to finally stop letting all the do-gooders into the stables, punish them severely if they do it anyway, because they only confuse people. Then we can also maintain the image of honest animal husbandry in Austria. „

Crested, battered creatures, covered with wounds, ulcers, chewed tails and ears, that’s what you see when you enter stables with so-called fully slatted floors. It must make you stunned when you hear how the representatives of the peasantry talk everything nicely. Probably for themselves as well. If you then make sure that nobody gets to see the real situation, then you can continue to advertise with green pastures and happy animals, because that is the image that consumers like to convey. Above all, clichés are used about the bad foreign countries and the small, honest farmers in our own country. Nevertheless, one should not be blinded by such statements. Because meat production always requires the death of a being who wanted to live, free and sociable and undisturbed. None of this is allowed to meat animals. On the contrary, just enough is allowed to them that they may survive the short time until slaughter. That is why it is and remains important not to be lulled by beautiful words or idyllic images, but to see the true circumstances in order to draw conclusions from them. E.g. stop consuming meat, no matter where it comes from.

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