My Street – My Rules

Wilhelm Wurst was a good driver. At least he thought he was. Since he was a little boy, he dreamed of big, high-horsepower cars. He worked hard to be able to afford his dream car, a neat little house and a nice lady. But the most important thing was and remained the car. The house was there so that you could put your feet up in the evening and be served, the garage to be able to park your beloved car in it and the mistress on the front passenger seat. „I’m a happy man,“ he said when he entered a room with at least one person with a swollen chest that showed the half-open shirt. Casual, masculine, a gift for women, he was convinced of that.

Wilhelm Wurst liked to drive and he drove fast. Always close to the limit of what was allowed, but above all he was convinced that he could do what he wanted. Anything unlawful on the street was relentlessly mowed down. E.g. these stupid critters. It was a street, after all, and a street was for cars. They should stay away, in the forest or wherever they belong. There was still so much greenery there. In his opinion, there couldn’t be enough roads. He was just glad that the parties in charge saw it that way too. One day he was driving with his partner on a bypass road, and what kind of road it was. It meandered idyllically through the landscape, but suddenly he noticed a sign that a person was holding at the roadside, almost directly in his face. “Beware of deer. Please drive slowly”, he read. “I’ll be a devil,” he thought, and stepped on the gas. About 100 meters further on, a deer suddenly pounded on the road. „Be careful, slow down!“, his companion shouted, but on the one hand it was already too late, because he was simply traveling too fast and on the other hand he did not see why he should brake because of such a creature. In the next moment it flew over his hood while his companion saw the baby, which apparently belonged to the deer, standing in the grass in the grass. „Stop immediately!“, she suddenly yelled at him. „Why?“, he asked, without the slightest hint of guilty conscience, „The car has nothing.“ „But the deer is dead. And now there is a fawn that has lost its mother,“ she replied, „Do you have no heart at all?” “Don’t get hysterical right now. It’s just a creature. Someone will take care of it,” he said with a shrug. „Stop right now!“ she replied, in a tone that even he realized there was no point in resisting. Finally, she got out of the car without a word and went back to where the dead animal lay, while the little one was still standing in the grass, frightened. „What are you doing now?“ she heard him say as he ran after her. “You just destroyed a family!”, she simply said, “If I had known earlier that you have no heart at all, I would not have gotten involved with you in the first place. But go now, I never want to see you again.” “But my rabbit,” he said, “I’m such a great man. You will never find someone like me again.” “I don’t want to either,” she replied. Then she called the police to report the incident. The fawn was taken to the wildlife sanctuary, where care was taken to ensure that it was well taken care of so that it could be released into the wild as quickly as possible.

Yes, they do exist, these wannabe machos, but there are also others who a sign or other notice encourages to drive carefully, even if it is not required. In this way it is possible to save many lives, because we must never forget that we are penetrating the territory of the animals with our roads and not the other way around. In addition, because of the hunters, they choose twilight to venture out of the safe thicket. If it weren’t for the hunt, it would be a lot easier for them and us. But since the hobby killing will not be abolished anytime soon, there is nothing left but to drive slowly and with foresight in the twilight.

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