The real Corona-Victims

Corinna was the most wonderful dog you can imagine. She was four months old when she joined the Maier family, consisting of a father, mother and two children. „We’re getting a dog now,“ said the father when he was put on short-time work because of Corona, „Then we have a reason to go out and it’s not that bland.“ The children were enthusiastic because they also had home schooling and the dog would be a great compensation for the lack of contact with their friends. Only the mother used a weak veto. „At some point this strange corona will be over and you will go back to the company and you to school. In the afternoon you will want to meet your friends. Then you will want to go on vacation again and what will happen to the dog,“ she said, but until then it would still take a lot of time, everything would work out, said the rest of the family.

So, Corinna came into the house. Corinna was a shaggy, medium-sized mixed breed dog who actually brought joy and life to her everyday life. Both the children and the man went for walks with great enthusiasm, played with her and everything seemed to be wonderful. She had been part of the family for over a year when suddenly the regulations were relaxed again. The father went back to work the normal hours and the children went to school and were allowed to meet friends. So, the mother was left with the dog. „My sweetie, now they have let us all down,“ she said, while she scratched the ears of the good-natured, always happy bitch, who now fully joined the mother, because otherwise nobody had time for her. At the beginning of June, the man came home and said it was time to think about family vacation. If you asked him, he wanted to go to a beach far away. In Turkey, for example, „I am in favor of renting a hut in the mountains or by a lake, because we can take Corinna with us,“ the mother replied. „Oh yes, Corinna,“ he said with a sigh, as if he had completely forgotten that they now had a dog, but then he was enlightened, „Oh what, we’ll give them to the animal shelter and everything will be fine. “Aren’t you serious?“, his wife replied, „First of all you really want a dog so that you don’t feel bored and if it is a nuisance to you, would you just give it back? Are you really that heartless? This animal is now part of our family. It depends on us and trusts us unconditionally. And you’d just give it away, just because of such a stupid vacation?“ „But mom, we could find a dog boarding house,“ interfered the daughter, who was already big and was also against Corinna leaving, but, just like her father wanted to fly to the sea. So, it happened that Corinna stayed for ten days in a kennel where she seemed to feel very comfortable, even if she could hardly contain herself with joy when her people were finally back. „You were right,“ the man admitted at the moment, „How could I have thought of giving this little treasure.“ So, the bitch was allowed to stay with the family until the end of her life. There were other situations where it would have been easier to be without a dog, but they all found a solution.

Corinna was lucky, more than many other pets that were taken in by people during the Corona period and are now ending up in animal shelters. Never before have so many pets been taken in – and then abandoned again. The animal shelters are currently being passed over because apparently so many had not thought about the fact that there is also life after Corona. Like the small children, they looked for a pastime that no longer fits into their concept of life. In doing so, they forget one thing, this animal has entrusted itself to them, given them everything it can because it relies on people to keep their promise when they took it in. But many ignore it completely heartlessly, treat it like an object that you use as long as you like it and that you dispose of when you no longer want it. Those who are not willing to spend time and of course money for an animal should not take one. It would be better for everyone. All these animals that end up in the animal shelters if they are not released somewhere are the real losers of the pandemic.

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