Only Freedom is species-appropriate (2)

“Only freedom is species-appropriate” is possible, but certain basic conditions must be given. First of all, it is necessary that breeds, regardless of the species, are no longer bred if they have those characteristics that allow only a short life from the outset. Therefore, it is not a shame if these man-made races become extinct, so that only those remain who can find their way in nature. So also, no so-called pets, which for better or for worse are dependent on human benevolence. Because if it is only a matter of compensating for our emotional deficits, it would be time to work on them and not abuse other living beings for it.

„But poor old Frau Schuller from next door, nobody has her but her Hansi,“ is then thrown in. In this case the Hansi is a budgie who has to serve to ensure that old Mrs. Schuller is not so alone. So, he has to atone for the fact that nobody is willing to spend time with the lady. However, this does not give anyone the right to imprison a helpless being for their entire life. Perhaps we should rather ask ourselves why so many people in our society need to abuse animals as placeholders for human contact. But we generally tend not to care about the causes, but only to combat the symptoms. “It’s just a bird”, is often pushed afterwards, “A bird that would probably not survive long in the wild. After all, we know that animals in the wild are exposed to very many dangers, predators and diseases.” Nevertheless, every non-degenerate, civilization-damaged, man-made animal would seek freedom, regardless of the dangers lurking. A self-determined life still outweighs comfort.

“But then people would no longer have any relation to animals”, it is often said. This is only correct if we do not finally neglect to hunt animals, fish or harm them in any other way. There, where the animals do not have to fear humans, there they will also approach him, if they want to. But that is your decision, a free decision. For this, however, it is necessary to allow our non-human fellow creatures the living space they need. But this is only possible if the person stops claiming everything for himself. The majority of the area is used for the cultivation of feed for livestock. If the need to breed them disappears because people have stopped eating meat, a large part can be given back to nature, in which people see themselves as visitors, but not as owners. A guest who respects the conditions without interfering.

This brings us to the most difficult part of the implementation. Human does not seem to be able to leave something to itself. He has to intervene always and everywhere, change something, make himself important. And as we well know, no matter where humans interfere in nature, it has always led to ruin. What does not belong to anyone has to be given to an owner who can then do what he wants with it, regardless of losses. But there is a certain point of exploitation from which there is no turning back. We seem to have exceeded it by now. Nevertheless, everything must be done to ensure that the slogan “Only freedom is appropriate to the species” is implemented under the above conditions, freedom for people, non-human fellow creatures and nature. And that’s no longer just a romantic idea of some activist weirdo, it’s a question of the survival of our species.

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