I can’t change anything anyway

I sit next to you and feel completely helpless. With this helplessness comes the anger and sadness over the apparent immutability. You are lying in your lattice cage and cannot move. Next to you your babies, with whom you cannot play, cannot mother them. You can just lie there and let them drink. All your short life, until you no longer get pregnant. Then you come to the slaughterhouse. Your fellow sufferer is in the next stable. She was impregnated far too early to give milk. Her udder hurts because it is way too big for her emaciated body, but her heart also hurts because the baby she gave birth is now all alone in its box and screams for you. Until it gives up and curls up. Makes very small. I see it being loaded onto a van and taken far, far away. In another hall there are small yellow balls of wool and now they have to grow. 42 days before they come to the slaughterhouse. I see it. But what can i do? I can’t change anything anyway.

Do not you see it? Don’t you wanna see it? Have you never wondered why the meat is so cheap, the milk and the eggs? Have you never wanted to know how the animals are doing, from which you take their children, their food and their life? You look away because it’s just too horrible to take. But you still let others continue to be exploited, tortured and murdered. What you see and want to see is the beautiful packaging, the bloodless product on the shelf and on your plate.

The rainforest is on fire. The people who live there are driven out or killed. The animals flee, but they don’t know where to go. For what? To grow soy, herds of cattle to create pastures. And slowly the green lung with all its biodiversity, including the groups of people, is being destroyed. Soon we’ll run out of air. The soy is exported to Europe and America. To be able to feed the so-called farm animals. For even more performance, for even faster growth. 80,000,000,000 are there who want to be taken care of, to land on our plates or in the garbage. A large part is simply thrown away. Because they don’t survive the mast. Or because they are too much. The rainforest is dying for the garbage. And the corn, the grain, the soy, which could fill everyone, is smuggled through animals and thus 80% wasted. People starve to death while we feed our farm animals fat to throw away a third. They die for the garbage. I see it. But what can i do? I can’t change anything anyway.

Can’t I really change anything? Yes I can. I can go out and tell others about the suffering, the pain, the abuse, the destruction and the constant killing. I can let them see. No, I don’t ask anymore if they want to see it or not. It is not about the small, personal sensitivities, because it is about all of us survival, about the future of our children. All or nothing. It would be so easy to change it. „Listen to the animals, the people, to exploit and massacre nature, stop to exploit them“, that is my message, clear and unmistakable. There are no more excuses, just the confession that I don’t care about other species, other people, nature and their inhabitants, if I look away and carry on as before. Yes, I am uncomfortable with this message. After all, there is also a lot of money involved. They don’t want me there because too many benefit from it. But I stay And lo and behold, there are also others who are spreading this message with me, this message of a world in which we as human beings no longer cause all the suffering that we have caused up to now. Many listen away. Because they don’t want to know. Others are open. Yes, there are these too. And maybe I can’t actually change anything on my own, but I’m not alone. And we’re getting more every day. We have come to stay as long as it takes, until we have a world in which we can actually let live.

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