What Fur really means

We all know that the Stone Age people ate meat and that is why they have become as smart as we are today, so smart that we destroy everything we can find. Very impressive. But that’s only half the story, because the Stone Age people, who were supposed to be our role models in everything, also wore fur. Of course, because organic cotton and hemp fibers did not exist yet. So, you had no other choice. But how did the human female get her fur, because we are so well informed that we know that only the human males hunted while the human females sat at home waiting for the big, strong males to return from their forays. Just as it corresponds to the biologically prescribed roles. Males as hunters – this is how they stalk each other on the supermarket shelf today, at the risk of their lives to get hold of the styrofoam pack and using all their strength to drag them home while the females sit in the safe den and wait for the prey. But we digress, it’s about the fur.

So, the Stone Age women sat in the cave and did whatever Stone Age women do. Then at last he came, the radiant hero, marked by the exertions of the hunt, his steeled body littered with wounds and cuts, but he had triumphed, the creature was inferior to him. He carried a mighty piece of meat under one arm, while the dandelion tiger’s fur had grown casually over the other shoulder. The females registered the scene briefly and pounced on him. “Oh, you hero, you wonderful hero! How strong you are!“, they whispered, while they did not take their eyes off the meat and fur, „Take me. I’ll take care of you best, bandage your wounds and heal you.” they promised, while the hero let his trained gaze slide over the females, to choose the right companion. He finally found her, pushed everyone else aside, and tossed the fur to her so that she took it with her on her bed and spread her legs. The winner got the animal fur. With fur you buy the best female. It was like that back then. Even today, fur is considered an object of prestige. If a modern human male gives his modern human female a fur, then she belongs to him. After all, at the cost of his life, defying all dangers, he hunted down such an indispensable item of clothing as a fur, over in the fur shop. The belly, bald head and double chin suddenly become invisible, because with the fur, the female can show off in front of the others. Your male is physically miserable together, but he has the fat wallet, and he opens it for her. And the Stone Age men would have done that too, had they had a wallet. Seen in this way, not much has changed and deep down we are still stone age people.

No, are we not anymore? We have modern achievements, organic cotton and hemp fiber, fake leather made from pineapple, grapes etc., down made from flowers and much more. The modern human woman is no longer dependent on being bought and prostituted with fur and other things, because she can earn money herself and buy all the wonderful things that a human woman dreams of herself. But if so, why do we still have to eat meat and use fur? Perhaps because modern human males still dream of submitting the creature. Some also do it, in close combat at high level, after the second fruit schnapps, when they start to imagine that the precision rifle and telescopic sight lead to a fair fight. And the creature, kept in cages all its life, brings the fair-hunted fur. Whereas the modern human woman spreads her legs for the fat wallet, which now stands for strength and assertiveness. From this point of view, it is perfectly legitimate to wear fur, because what the Stone Age people did cannot be wrong for us either. However, we also like to refer to the fact that we are modern people, mentally far superior to the Stone Age people. Which is probably expressed in the fact that we keep our meat in the stable and our fur animals in the cage and no longer have to hunt them without respect for anything that is not for sale.

Those who really respect living beings do not lock them in cages, do not let other people treat the stolen skin with life-threatening chemicals in order to have a pretty pompom on the hood or a collar on the jacket. Fur is suffering and terror. Actually suitable for most modern people who have no qualms about exploiting everyone else, regardless of loss or sacrifice.

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