What I dream of at Christmas

I sit by the window and look out into the dark night. Candlelight illuminates the room and the scents of Christmas fill it. Everything is calm, peaceful and solemn. As it should be, on Christmas Eve. The whole world seems alright because it’s the part that I can see. More is not accessible. There doesn’t seem to be more. But I know better People are still sleeping in tents, in refugee camps, because nobody wants them and they don’t know where they belong, children are being exploited and animals are being exploited. Especially animals. Lonely, abandoned, freezing, starving, imprisoned, abused. Whether humans or non-human animals, no exception is made. And although I know that so many forces are working to maintain this state, I dare to dream.

I dream of a world in which no one, no matter where they come from or how they look or what skills they have or how old they are, get their place in the community and are allowed to shape their life, support and support, in a community  

I dream of a world in which all living beings are free to shape their lives. There are no more stables or cages, no slaughterhouses and no exploitation factories, but only a calm, level-headed, understanding togetherness between all creatures that find their place in a regained nature because there are so many areas that you can simply yourself left to grow, bloom, thrive, harboring many different species and species. And while a deer walks past my window without hesitation, I leave my observation area and sit down at the table on which animal suffering can no longer be found.

I dream of a world in which everyone can live, just live.

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