🍉 Veganism in Islam | 🧕 Living vegan as a Muslim

The vegan way of life is becoming increasingly popular and is already known around the world. While religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism have been dealing with veganism for decades, some animal species are permitted as food in Islam, for example.

Are there Muslims practicing vegan?

About 24% of the world’s population practices and lives Islam. Unfortunately, it is not known how many people in Islam choose a vegan lifestyle. Nevertheless, more and more Muslim bloggers and social media groups are increasingly committed to the welfare of animals one.

Is it possible to be vegan in Islam?

Most meat is allowed in Islam. It is estimated that over 10,000,000 animals are sacrificed on the holy festival of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice).

On the contrary, Islam emphasizes friendliness and compassion for all animals. It is also believed that the Prophet Mohammad was mainly plant-based and ate very little or no meat.

Allah gives the possibility to eat meat, but he has not made it an obligation.

If someone decides for the good of the Animal and respects all living things, this is definitely halal.

Did Prophet Mohammad Live Vegan?

No, he was not strictly vegan, but still ate mostly plant-based products. He lived a very simple and humble life.

„The Holy Prophet, peace be upon all other foods, liked pumpkin.“


Enjoy the festival of sacrifice vegan

More and more Muslims are choosing to enjoy the festival of sacrifice without meat. Vegan dishes are also increasingly being used in public, Muslim institutions. Still feel many vegan Muslims have just been excluded from the Festival of Sacrifice and the vegan lifestyle is sometimes causing discussions. Eating together is very important at the Festival of Sacrifice and demands a willingness to compromise and respect. May we look to the future with optimism.

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