When you think that that thinks

Modern man calls himself Homo sapiens, which means something like understanding, understanding, wise, clever, clever, reasonable person. It also means that this modern human, with all his rationality, is not only the crown of creation, but also has the largest brain of any primate, our closest relative, which enables him to fulfill the very attributes he ascribes to himself. Even the philosophers who have taken on human beings and want to fathom their nature disagree on many things, depending on their own orientation, except those human beings not only have reason, but are capable of using reason, otherwise it would be It is probably idle to ask him to use his own understanding, as Immanuel Kant does. It is also that reason which distinguishes man from all lower creatures.

Man has also used his reason very well. All the wonderful inventions that surround us, that make life more comfortable and safer, we take for granted, at least in the western world. Cars and refrigerators, airplanes and washing machines, televisions and computers, smartphones and tablets, heaters and water pipes are all part of modern life. You have to be able to treat yourself to a certain standard. That’s why you go to work so that all these things can be produced, sold and used. That’s wonderful when people don’t think they have to keep multiplying and need more and more things. Things have to be created, which means resource consumption. The more people, the more resources, the scarcer the supply until they are completely used up. In addition, there are also the fine arts that distinguish humans from all other living beings. Man is thus able, by virtue of his reason, to organize his life in a pleasant, safe and comfortable way. So, the thing about the gift of reason is quite obviously true, as the philosophers postulate. After all, you are constantly confronted with all the products of reason. What a great being. Always and everywhere sober, rational and reflective.

If that were actually the case, then people would have to stop eating meat now, because after rational, thorough, sober consideration, they would have to come to the conclusion that eating meat or its production is the living space, also for humans gradually, i.e. almost immediately, destroyed. Rainforests burned down to grow fodder for the so-called livestock, expulsion of indigenous peoples whose land is taken away from them, oceans fished empty, soil and drinking water contaminated with manure, 800,000,000 starving people who are deprived of the basic foodstuffs to feed our so-called „livestock “ Getting fed up, tons of animals that were thrown away and abused to death and the rapid increase in so-called diseases of civilization that are caused by the carnal diet should actually be reason enough to draw a line and change the diet, at least this one, massively. Yet it doesn’t happen. Why is that?

Yes, people can be rational, sober, reflected and reasonable, but they are usually not, especially when it comes to their own privileges, which they have granted themselves. Then reason stops and other parts of his body take over the thinking and lead to irrationality. The greed to enslave and slaughter animals en masse, not because it would make sense, but because it tastes good and because we have always done it that way, always for about 100 years in the dimensions and devastating consequences. The work of destruction continues because we now want everything we can get and preferably as cheaply as possible because we switch off the brain and let our digestive organs play the beat. This is how the world perishes with our eyes wide open, but we continue to eat because it tastes good and because we don’t let others tell us what to eat. Not even by the voice of reason. Certainly not from her. If you think that the stomach thinks, then something becomes clear. Not that it makes any more sense to ruin our livelihood for the sake of the palate, but it makes it explainable. Man is neither rational nor sober, neither sensible nor reflective, but entirely subject to his urges, his desires and his greed. This insight makes it easier to say goodbye to the image of noble humanity. It would be time to rename it, because it may be reason that characterizes humans, but also their unwillingness to use it.

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