The most expensive Dogs in the World

Although it is estimated that there are around 400 million stray dogs, that is millions of dogs that need a warm, dry place, a regularly filled bowl and appropriate medical care, in other words, a home where they can and cannot stay are exposed to every injustice would be happy, so-called pedigree dogs are bred worldwide. There are many reasons to get a dog like this.

First of all, the focus is on the rarity factor. The Samoyed ranks third in the top list of the most expensive breeding dogs, with a market value of up to €11,000. The fact that a sled dog is brought into the house from the polar regions, which suffer from the prevailing weather conditions, especially in summer, seems to be secondary. It is also important to question whether you can adequately meet their natural urge to move. Then the aesthetics are of decisive importance, as with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who can sweeten the life of his breeder with second place with up to € 14,000.00. And when it comes to aesthetics, of course, torture breeds, such as the English bulldog in fifth place, which can still bring in a whopping € 9,000, or the German shepherd dog in first place, can pay up to € 20,000 for humans ready, not missing. Health is secondary, because if you can and want to afford such a dog, you will be able to pay for the vet bills for better or worse. Another reason is that you want to know exactly what the dog’s character is. This is supposedly only possible with a pedigree dog, because each of them has the characteristics typical of the breed. Although that must be seen more as an excuse, because ultimately what is important is that it is beautiful and contributes to the prestige of the owner. In addition to the house and the corresponding car, the four-legged friend must also fit adequately.

And as a pedigree dog moves into a posh home, the animal shelters fill up with dogs that aren’t pretty, maybe not quite the right dogs, and often you can’t even tell exactly what breed they are. Aside from the fact that there is no such thing as race, at least not within a species, it’s interesting how much emphasis is put on it, or how much focus there is on the question. When I go for a walk with our Bosnian newcomer, one of the first questions is always: „What breed is that?“ Then I look at him, then at the questioner, to answer succinctly: „Dog“. Is not that enough? It doesn’t seem to be enough, because I’m always looked at quite perplexed. Only one has insisted so far, saying, „Yes, I see that, but what breed is it?“ „There’s only one breed he belongs to, and it’s called a dog,“ I stuck to. My interlocutor then turned away with a shrug. Apparently, he thought I was stupid. If he had asked me what his dog passport said, I could have given him an answer, which he would have liked to hear, because it must say something other than a dog. Because here, too, everything must be strictly categorized and catalogued. Classification is important. Then you can orientate yourself, after all you know what this breed is like, because you know what it is like. But it’s enough for me that this dog, who lives with us and previously had to eke out an existence on the streets, is a happy dog. Exactly what all dogs deserve that have to spend their lives on the street or in some animal shelter, also because so many imagine they want to call a pedigree dog with the appropriate pedigree their own.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, make sure to visit your nearest animal shelter first before going to the breeder. I’m sure you’ll find wonderful specimens of this species there. They may not look perfect, but is it really that important? And above all, if no one goes to the breeder anymore, there is a great chance to reduce the tide of homeless dogs, because each and every one of them deserves to live in peace, quiet and security.

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