Saving animals is not enough (2)

Tatjana had bought dog food on her way. „I guess it will be enough by tomorrow,“ Tatjana thought as she watched the little dog eat. Eagerly he swallowed everything and then sat down next to the bowl, tail wagging, big, dark eyes hopefully directed at Tatjana. At that moment, the girl heard the apartment door open and her mother step into the hallway. Even before Tatjana could react, the puppy had rushed off to greet the newcomer. „Don’t prepare anything carefully,“ thought Tatjana, while she gathered all her courage and went to meet her mother. But the picture that Tatjana presented left her amazed.

Tatjana’s mother was surrounded by bags, which she simply dropped on the floor to have both hands free to pet the little guy. Stunned, Tatjana watched as her mother devotedly scratched his stomach, while a big smile made her face shine. Then she finally noticed her daughter. „Hello Tatjana!“ She greeted the girl while trying to look stern, „You know that’s not possible?“
„What is not possible?“ Tatjana asked, although she knew exactly what was meant.
„To have a dog,“ her mother replied with a sigh.
„But where should he go?“ Tatjana said sadly.
„Think about it,“ her mother admitted, „I’m at work all day and you’re at school. You don’t want the little guy to be alone all the time, do you? Don’t look like that, we’ll find a solution,“ her mother added when she saw Tatjana’s disappointed look, „Let’s eat something and you tell me how you got the little one.“ Tatjana didn’t need to be told twice. She recounted the events of the afternoon at length while her mother listened without interrupting her. When Tatjana finished, her mother just put down her fork.
„How heartless some people can be,“ her mother concluded, „He deserves to be in a good place and I already have an idea.“
„And that would be?“ Tatjana asked, feeling hope rising again.
„You know this little farm at the edge of the forest, don’t you?“ asked the mother.
„Yes, of course, we go for a walk there often enough,“ confirmed Tatjana, „Only the woman who runs it is a little scary.“
„She may be, and I think she has good reasons for it,“ her mother agreed, „but I’ve heard she takes in animals that are in need. Go there tomorrow morning and ask her.” Out of necessity, but with a heavy heart, the girl agreed.

The next morning Tatjana trotted to the farm with Balduin, as she had now christened the little dog. Normally it wouldn’t have taken more than ten minutes, but Balduin found everything so incredibly interesting that they hardly made any progress. It was a delight to watch him explore the area, sniffing at everything and jumping around as if nothing bad had ever happened to him. At last they arrived, through the main gate, next to which the paddocks were fenced in, where cows, horses, donkeys, sheep and goats grazed peacefully, not being disturbed by the newcomers. One or the other animal raised its head briefly but did not find the two particularly interesting and continued to eat. Tatyana’s heart was pounding in her throat as they inevitably approached the main building of the yard. Balduin seemed to sense her restlessness, because he too was noticeably calmer. Tatjana and Balduin were already standing in front of the door when a harsh voice made them flinch.
„What are you doing there? This is private property,” she snapped at a tall woman in blue dungarees who had unnoticed stepped out of the stable to the right of the building that probably served as a residence.
„Hello,“ Tatjana said intimidated, „I rescued this little dog yesterday from some guys who wanted to stone him, and I can’t keep him and I was hoping he’d come here.“
„So that’s what you thought?“ said the woman, still harsh but not as much as at first, „how many do you think just want to bring their animals over here because they’ve had enough of them since word got around that I adopt animals. Why should I take your little one?”

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