Saving animals is not enough (3)

Tatiana stood there not knowing what to say. She wanted to grab Balduin and run away with him, but then she looked at the little one and was sure that despite all the rejection she received, here was a place for him to live comfortably and happily.
„Because he has nowhere else to go and when I look at your animals, I’m sure that you won’t throw anyone out on the street,“ Tatjana said, trying to make her voice sound as confident as possible.
„And what do you think, who will bear the costs. You?” the woman continued to ask.
„I can’t, but I could help. They certainly need someone to clean up or feed the animals,“ said Tatjana, now becoming more confident, because why should the owner of the homestead keep asking if she didn’t at least consider taking Balduin in?

„But you already know that it’s hard work. Are you suitable for this at all? How old are you actually?” said the woman, while she looked at Tatjana’s thin, tall figure from top to bottom. „I’m 15 and stronger than I look,“ Tatjana said with conviction.
„Well, I’ll try it with you,“ explained the woman, „You come regularly to help and then I only have one condition.“
„And that would be?“ Tatjana asked hopefully.
„The little dwarf has to pass the entrance exam through my old bitch,“ replied the woman addressed, „By the way, I’m Samara. And what’s your name?“
„My name is Tatjana and the little one down there should be called Balduin,“ she pointed between her legs, where she suspected the puppy, but there wasn’t any Balduin. They looked around searchingly. Finally, they spotted him. A dog basket lay in the sun next to the front door, in which said old dog lady, who was a Bernese dairyman bitch, lay peacefully. Cuddled close to them they saw a small, black ball of fur that had fallen asleep peacefully after all the exciting experiences.
„I think he passed the entrance exam,“ Samara explained and Tatjana was happy because she saw the woman smile for the first time, „That’s really strange. The little one must be something very special, because until now my Lisa hasn’t really let any other dog approach her. That’s it. When are you coming to help?”
„Right after school today,“ Tatjana said eagerly, said goodbye and ran as fast as she could to the said educational institution. It was as if her heart had never been so light.

From that day on, Tatjana spent an hour before and after school on the farm, got to know all the residents and their stories, and became friends with Samara. Now she also began to understand why Samara had been so dismissive. Many said they could just put their animals in front of the door, she would take care of them. This fueled her resentment towards people who brought pets into their homes without realizing the consequences or the demands of doing so. When the holidays came, the non-human roommates became annoying, and people tried to get rid of them. But with Tatjana it was something else. She had saved this little fellow from death and found a good place. Tatjana, on the other hand, was happy because she enjoyed her work, and it gave her the opportunity to spend time with Balduin every day. She began to wish that she would have a farm when she grew up, like Samara, to rescue animals from distress so that they could grow old in peace and quiet. She also wanted to be a veterinarian because she knew how much money it cost when the vet took care of the animals. After there were many old animals on the farm, he had to come often. Even if an animal had to be put to sleep, Tatjana and Balduin were there to say goodbye. „A happy life in the midst of others, and such a death. How many could say that?” thought Tatjana.

„In two weeks it’s godparents day,“ Samara explained to Tatjana one day when they were sitting over cocoa and cake after work, „Would you like to help me with that?“
„I’d be happy if you tell me what that is and what to do,“ said Tatjana, eagerly awaiting the explanation.

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