Saving animals is not enough (4)

„What a patent day? What is that?” Tatjana’s mother also asked when, beaming with joy, she told her about the news over dinner.
„A farm like the one in Samara lives primarily from donations,“ explained Tatjana, pleased to be able to pass on her newly acquired knowledge, “If the donators take the responsibility for an animal, then they feel more connected to this particular animal and thus also to the farm, and the operators of such a farm have regular income. And on this day, all parents can come and visit their protégés. Then there is also a small buffet, and you can see for yourself that the animals are doing well and that their money is getting the right amount.”
„Can you also donate cakes; I mean for the buffet?“ Tatjana’s mother now wanted to know. „Would you like to make your amazing chocolate cake? That would be great. Samara will be happy,“ said Tatyana.

And so, Tatyana and her mother made their way to the farm that Sunday. Tatyana’s mother not only brought the cake, but also helped with the rest of the preparations.
„It turned out great,“ said Samara happily, „And we didn’t finish a minute too early.“ Because the very moment they had placed the last plate, the first guests arrived. Around 40 people visited the farm that day, asked about their animals and enjoyed the buffet. Many were inclined to throw something into the donation box provided. Even the weather played along, because the sun shone from a cloudless sky, so there was really nothing that could spoil the good mood. The organizers were already congratulating themselves on this great day when a man raised his voice.
„So, everything I’m eating is vegan?“ he snapped at Samara.
„Of course,“ she replied calmly, „we can’t protect animals, save them from slaughter at the same time and then have others slaughter them for us. It doesn’t go together.“
„Yes, that fits, because it’s the one thing that’s allowed to live there and that I can show my son,“ the man replied, still angry, „but all the others don’t matter. After all, that’s what they’re there for.“
„No, they are there for themselves, like every living being is there for themselves,“ Samara consistently maintained her point of view without having to raise her voice, „You have adopted our Ferdinand, a boar that comes from the Mast came. Would you eat that?”
„No, of course not,“ said the man.
„But what’s the difference between Ferdinand and another pig?“ Samara continued undeterred.
„That we know the pig. But we don’t know the others,“ said the man, already controlling the volume a little.
„Dad,“ his son suddenly tugged at his sweater, who had overheard the whole conversation, „We’re eating something from pigs? I don’t want a pig to die so I can eat it. I want them to live.”
„See what you’ve done? Now I have to make sure that the boy gets back to normal and doesn’t get the idea of not eating meat anymore. From now on you will have to do without my donation. You’re putting nonsense in the children’s heads,“ he explained, piqued, before turning to his son, „Emanuel, let’s go. We won’t stay a minute longer with the freaks.” With that he grabbed Emanuel’s arm and pulled him with him to the car. The little boy fought back with his hands and feet. Tatyana, watching the whole scene, did not let go of the question she had just heard: why are we stroking one pig and eating the other? Why do we even eat pigs and not dogs or cats? And suddenly she realized how limited her worldview had been until now. Yes, we delight in animals, dogs and cats as well as pigs and chickens, but still we kill them to eat. From one moment to the next her previous, so well-ordered, world view began to falter. It was so silly. Ferdinand, a young boar whose belly she had scratched so often, and then the others she didn’t know. But they also wanted to live, probably just as much-loved digging and running around in the straw and in the earth. But where were all the pigs we ate? Tatyana had never seen any outside of the yard. That evening she made two decisions: stop eating animals and learn about the living conditions of the animals she had eaten up until now.

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