Ladies and gentlemen!

The terms benign and malignant are mainly used in medicine. We know cancer sores and others. Cancer sores are malignant. There are others that turn out to be benign because they don’t cause any significant damage in the body but are there. You can remove them if you want, but you don’t have to. The former, the cancerous growths, the malignant ones, have to be radically tackled at the root, treated and eradicated forever, which is not always easy from a medical point of view, e.g., when the ulcer is in the head. However, these medical facts only serve as a template for the ulcers that are rampant in our society and can be benign or malignant as well. The distinction is easy to make. Are these designed to harm society and its conditions as we know and appreciate them or not? So that you know what I mean, here are a few examples.

You all know the so-called animal welfare activists who save the dogs and the kittens and whatever else crawls and flees, give them a home, have them neutered and post pretty little pictures of their protégés. Otherwise, most of them continue to eat meat, so do not encourage them to change their consumption because of the animals. They’re an ulcer too, but it’s good-natured because they don’t want to change anything in the system. People have jobs and are happy about it.

But then there are the self-proclaimed animal rights activists who want to expose the alleged abuses in the animal industry, breaking into stables, illegally filming and making it appear as if all our good farmers are animal abusers. In addition, they call for a complete exit from the animal industry. Not only would many breeds then die out, but these moralizers also overlook the fact that these animals would not even be alive if they were not lovingly bred and cared for. And it goes without saying that the animals are treated well, because who wouldn’t look after and maintain their means of production. If only for the sake of profit, they pay attention to them. But still, they tell people they are murderers and criminals and demand a system change, immediately. This is one of the worst cancers, especially malignant.

Another example would be the environmentalists who pass their time by collecting rubbish, in a public way, of course, who sell the car and use public transport instead and are otherwise well-behaved and stuffy. A boil, no doubt, but benign.

On the other hand, there are the radical eco-fuzzies, perhaps even worse than the animal rights activists, but at least as bad, who want to eliminate all fossil fuels immediately, prevent all road construction and advocate radical consumer restraint to the point of washing their hair with rye flour. Think of the implications for our economy, rye flour. Unfortunately, it is rampant at the moment, seemingly unsustainable and malicious through and through.

As a final comparison, let me mention the left-wing activists. There are those who support socially disadvantaged people, organize charity events for them and do charitable work. That works well in the media, especially when you see the poor child with bright eyes at Christmas, holding the first toy of his life in his arms. It’s annoying in that we’re being embarrassedly reminded of the poverty that should be hidden, but otherwise they’re harmless, so they’re generally good-natured.

But then there is this radical left, these subversive do-gooders who are not content with throwing a few crumbs to the poor and then basking in the spotlight of their good deeds, no, they expect poverty to be abolished, that we, society, the hard-working citizens, should pay for them, that corporations should pay taxes, with the result that they then move to countries where they don’t have to and ruin the economy here. You are seriously demanding that we stop importing raw materials from developing countries because we allegedly exploit people, but we support them in this. It’s unthinkable that this ulcer will spread uncontrollably if it catches on. It’s radically malignant.

That is my recommendation, we can leave the benign ulcers, which does not relieve us of the trouble of keeping them under constant observation, because you never know whether a benign ulcer will develop into a malignant one, whereas the ulcers that have already been diagnosed as malignant must be removed immediately and without further ado. If we don’t stop this, we will soon be overrun, plundered and dispossessed.

Thank you for your attention!

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