The Mechanization of the Uterus

Christian sat down on the couch. Martinique to the ground. She always did that when she wanted to think freely. connectedness. Even if it was just the floor of a room.
„It used to be a mystery, a secret,“ Martinique began to share herself and her thoughts, „Then people discovered the mystery, demystified it. We now know about the connections and the process.”
„It’s wonderful to know,“ said Christian.
„Of course, it is,“ affirmed Martinique, „But what has been done with the knowledge? The female animal was degraded to the living brood chamber in which the fetus or embryo matured. The normal process of pregnancy and childbirth was snatched from her and subjected to technology. So, to a male domain. The baby to the product and property of the creator of the technique. Ultrasound is used to observe how it develops, the birth under the guidance of a doctor to a process that no longer requires the intervention of the birthing machine. You know better.”
„But modern medicine has also helped many,“ Christian interjected.

„A woman becomes pregnant,“ Martinique said, „then she’s given a detailed plan to have an ultrasound scan every month. So that you also know that the product is developing accordingly in your body. And if the mother lives in a culture where girls are undesirable, you can also find out the sex in good time so that you can get rid of it. The fact that the error rate is relatively high is another matter, but that falls under collateral damage. And in the end, preferably a caesarean section. This can be scheduled, and the woman can already plan her first day at work, the child’s entry into the crèche, so that the woman does not even imagine that she has become a mother and that the child is incorporated into the state education system as quickly as possible.

Industrial hens are egg producers. Every day they lay an egg, which is immediately taken away from them. They lay because they are being deprived of their children day after day until their bodies have completely exhausted themselves, until they literally collapse from lack of calcium. And they never saw their children.

The sow is doing much better then. At least she has her babies next to her, held down by iron bars, but she cannot care for them or take care of them because she is not allowed to move. Just a body with teats on it. A living suckling machine, and as soon as they’re weaned, the little ones, they’ll be gone too.

The cow, with her breasts almost bursting, gives birth to her child, who is immediately taken away from her. It might even come up with the idea of drinking from the breasts. No, it couldn’t, it most certainly does. The calf was only conceived because the mother had milk intended for humans. The calf has to be satisfied with cheap milk substitutes.

We take everything from them, their dignity, their freedom, their self-determination and their children. Because we can, behind closed doors. Nobody should see it. And whoever opens the doors is a traitor.

With human mothers you have to be a little more subtle. Pregnancy control becomes a way of monitoring the well-being of the child. If she withdraws, she is irresponsible. While women in the 1970s could still say, ‚My belly belongs to me‘, today it has become a glass incubator on two legs. She is successfully persuaded that her inner voice, which tells her how she feels and how her baby is doing, is deceiving her until she forgets that there is such a thing and leaves herself unchallenged to the judgment of the machines.

I dream of a world where children are allowed to grow up with their mothers as it should be, where pregnancy and childbirth are what they are supposed to be, a natural occurrence for which the body is excellently prepared. I dream of a world where technology is seen for what it is, a resource when natural means fail. I dream of a world where life belongs to itself again.”

And because there was so much, she was carrying, Martinique sat down on the couch with Christian to be held. It didn’t change the facts, but they were easier to take with one another.

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