Help, my child is still not #weaned

Family, interpersonal tragedies are usually carried out in secret. After all, you don’t want to be seen as someone who did something wrong, especially because you’re under the mistaken assumption that it’s just my problem and everyone else is doing it right. But as with many other things, you can also see here that someone has to start daring to go public to see that many others feel the same way as I do. I’m not alone in this. It falls like the proverbial scales fall from your eyes. Ms. K., as one of those affected, has kindly agreed to speak about it here. Understandably, she wishes to remain anonymous.

Interviewer: Ms. K., first of all, thank you very much for being willing to speak about something that troubles many, but nobody really dares to say it.

Ms. K.: Well, I always thought it was just me, but since I brought up the topic, thousands of people have contacted me and thanked me for supporting this initiative „Help, my child is not #weaned yet“ called into life.

Interviewer: Could you tell us a little about your own path up until the moment you started this initiative.

Ms. K.: My son is now 34. When he was born, of course I breastfed him because, as we know, breastfeeding is best for the baby. After about a year he then weaned himself and has also developed very well. But now that he’s grown up a long time ago and has a family of his own, I was horrified to find that he still drinks breast milk and milk that is intended for a baby from another species. In short, I had to realize – and such a realization hurts deeply, as you can imagine – my son is still not #weaned.

Interviewer: How did you discover it?

Mrs. K.: I was visiting him and found a packet of white liquid in his fridge. I then asked him what that was, and he said succinctly that it was milk and that he actually drank it, but also used it for many other purposes. What shocked me the most, however, was that not only did he do it, but that he also gave it to his family to drink. All his friends do this and it is completely normal.

Interviewer: How did you react to that?

Ms. K.: I was so shocked when I found out that I had to collect myself first. But I knew that this not only affects my son, but also many other people. Even innocent children are given it.

Interviewer: One would like to think that these are grown-ups who should know what they are doing. You, as a mother, are no longer responsible.

Ms. K.: It’s possible, but does a mother’s responsibility really end at some point? When you see your child doing something that harms others, yourself, and the environment, do you really expect them to stand by and do nothing?

Interviewer: But we’ve learned over the decades that milk is healthy and that we can, and should, drink it without hesitation.

Ms. K.: I’m well aware of that, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. We now know that milk production itself is blatant animal cruelty and that the cow’s milk is the mother’s milk for the calf and not for humans. Growth hormones contained in it help the calf to grow, but an adult human no longer needs to grow. I have always tried to pass this knowledge on to my son and have always referred to milk for what it is, „breast milk from another species“.

Interviewer: But why is it then told in a completely different way? And above all, by whom?

Ms. K.: It’s obvious. The dairy industry wants to keep selling their product – no matter how many victims are left behind. Ultimately, I only care about one thing, the well-being and health of my child. And many mothers think like me. They want their children to finally be weaned.

Interviewer: How can this be achieved? Where can an affected person get support?

Ms. K.: All the necessary information can be found on the website

Interviewer: Thank you very much Ms. K. for your frank words and I wish you and all other mothers that they succeed in being able to say of their children: „Hooray, my child is #weaned!“.

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