Vegans are annoying

„What a beautiful day,“ I thought as I left the office to visit my favorite restaurant. For once I had time to do it, and that on a working day. The sun was shining, and I was in good spirits. Correspondingly exhilarated, I entered the restaurant and left it again immediately, because the sun was shining so warmly and invitingly that I made myself comfortable in the guest garden. I chose a table in the corner to have a good view of everything else. There were three other tables occupied besides mine. Two people sat opposite each other. The waitress came with the menu.

My favorite restaurant isn’t a purely vegan one, because there’s no such thing in our small town, but at least it offers some very tasty vegan options. In addition, the ambience is pleasant, the waitresses are friendly, and the prices are reasonable. That’s why I always felt good. After some inner discussion, I settled on one dish.
„I’d like the vegan curry, please not spicy,“ I said to the waitress, leaning back in anticipation of what was to come, letting the sunshine on my face and enjoying life. Nothing else. Of course, I let my gaze wander over the other guests. The couple sitting directly across from me had just gotten their food. Apparently, she was eating a salad with chicken strips, and he was eating a steak. I took note.
„You vegans really piss me off,“ the gentleman across the street suddenly snapped at me. I automatically looked down at myself with guilt, but I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt with any slogan that might have hinted at veganism or animal rights because I was in business mode after all. So, I blinked at him.
„Yes, I mean exactly you, you always try to impose your way of life on us, you talk rubbish to convert us and spoil our food,“ he continued to bark at me.
„Please, calm down,“ the person opposite tried to calm him down.
„You want me to calm down? You want me to calm down?“ he snapped at her. „You should stop disturbing innocent people at dinner. Let her do what she wants but leave me alone.“
„But she didn’t say anything,“ a gentleman from another table intervened.
„No, she didn’t say anything, but you probably didn’t see how she first looked at me, then at my steak and then at me again. That says it all. I know you. I know them all, and that one – and he pointed to me – is definitely one of the worst,” the first gentleman said more and more in a rage, “And besides, so conspicuous as she ordered her food. So that everyone knows that she eats the   v e g a n   chili.”
„Could it be that she just wants to eat here, like all of us, and that in peace and quiet, without being bothered by some yobs who for some reason feel their honor has been violated. And you’re bothering us all with your shouting,” replied the gentleman who had apparently stepped in for me.
„Maybe we can all calm down now,“ my advocate’s companion interjected for the first time, after which she turned to me and said with a reproachful look: „And maybe it wouldn’t be possible for you to be so obtrusively vegan. Then nobody would have to feel offended. I already know that you vegans like to proselytize, but there are moments when you should just let it be.”

Apart from the fact that I hadn’t said a word until then, really wanting nothing more than to enjoy my meal, I had to think about how best to get out of this number when my curry was finally served. Without a word, I devoted myself to my meal, hoping that it would finally be the end of it, but I was wrong.
„Look at that, she feels so superior to us that she no longer looks at us as if we were subhuman,“ the former rumbled out again. I finally had enough with that. I took my plate and went inside the place where I found myself alone. Here I could actually finish my meal in peace without annoying anyone.

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