30 Years – In the Name of the Animals

It’s a terribly cold day. That doesn’t stop activists from the VGT (Association Against Animal Factories) from gathering in front of an animal exploitation facility, holding banners, showing pictures of the horrors and calling for an investigation. Because whether the weather is nice or not, the animals in the industry suffer in all weathers, at all times of the day and night, 24 hours a day, every single day of the year and even when they are being transported to their execution. A lifelong suffering, against which the VGT has been campaigning for 30 years, and the successes it has been able to achieve speak equally for its successful work, as does the number of opponents.

No, the VGT does not show any cute kitten photos, does not run a farm or devote itself to the fates of individuals, but is committed to improving the legal framework for all animals, not just the cute and cuddly ones, but also and above all the so-called farm animals, no matter where this exploitation takes place. The range extends not only in stables, but also in the circus, in the zoo, in the test laboratories up to the breeding of tormented traits. This exploitation is done in order to gain the highest possible profit. Be it when cows are specifically bred in such a way that they give even more milk, beef breeds put on even more meat or chickens are fattened up to slaughter weight even faster. Profit is the difference between what you have to invest in the animals and what you get for them or their products. That’s why the credo in the industry is to invest as little as possible in order to get as much out of it as possible. Savings are made on space, feed and work. This is all at the expense of animal welfare, which does not seem to play a role. If the VGT now appears to demand this animal welfare to see it implemented by law, then profits will be reduced and the people who benefit from this animal exploitation will see their freedom of employment restricted. Therefore, the role of the VGT is a deeply political one. The profound educational work that reveals this cruelty to animals to the population brings to light what the protagonists of this industry would have preferred to keep hidden. Nobody should know. That’s why the VGT is regularly attacked for this work, but the task it sets itself is greater than its own well-being. It is about dealing with our fellow creatures that is worthy of a civilized, supposedly humane society. It is worth fighting for and accepting repression.

Anyone who calls for change meets with resistance, especially from those who initially lose out as a result of the changes. One could assume that that is why those who gain from its activities are on the side of the VGT. However, these are the animals that cannot make demands themselves. This makes the work all the more difficult when they cannot speak to those you care about their suffering. Others have to do it for them. Through this tireless commitment over 30 years, the topic of animal protection and animal rights has arrived in the middle of society. People have been sensitized and there is hardly anyone who is unaffected by this topic. This is also one of the merits of the VGT.

The big dream, of course, and the ultimate goal of the work, is that work becomes superfluous because no one is exploited anymore. But as long as there is still exploitation and abuse, the VGT will fight for it. Perhaps you would also like to support the animals and help out with the VGT? Then just write an email to vgt@vgt.at. We look forward to you!

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