Unexpectedly vegan (2)

While Sabrina and Detlev got to know each other better and better while running together, Detlev got used to Bakari. He was a dog that calmed him down. His inner restlessness gave way the moment he saw the dog. A few weeks had passed when Detlev finally plucked up courage and asked Sabrina if they didn’t want to go out together, not sweaty and in normal clothes.

„What is abnormal clothing?“, Sabrina asked amused, „You mean our running clothes are not suitable for everyday use?“
„Well, I would also take you out in running clothes,“ said Detlev, „but normally you wear something else.“
„Usually?“ Sabrina repeated, „So this isn’t a normal situation either?“
„Somehow not, it’s so purposeful and yet so liberating to walk with you here,“ he explained without being disturbed, „but I would be curious to know how you dress otherwise.“
„All right,“ Sabrina finally said, „Then let’s just have a nice drink tonight. What do you mean?“

Detlev was excited all day, looking forward to her first official date. Although was it a date at all or was it just running partners who just met when they weren’t running? He finally admitted that he really liked Sabrina. She was funny, eloquent and empathetic. Ashamed of himself, he added that she wasn’t bad looking either and had a good figure, although of course he always argued that it was the inner values that counted. But it wasn’t uncomfortable either. He left the office elated and decided to do one or two errands in town before meeting Sabrina. He was about to cross the main square when he stopped dead in his tracks. There was a booth set up that clearly belonged to a well-known animal rights organization, but that wasn’t what caught his eye, it was the person standing by and talking about the atrocities in the animal industry. He was the first to recognize the voice. It was Sabrina’s. But that couldn’t be. Or is it? He took a closer look and there was no denying it. Dressed in a T-shirt that said „Friends – not food“ with a pig on it, Sabrina stood. If she was committed to it, she was clearly vegan. But why hadn’t she said anything about it? He hadn’t even had a clue. They had certainly talked about some things, just not about that. He had always heard that vegans let everyone know immediately that they belonged to this faction. But what had she said? About her work as a librarian, about her family, her history, her education, but she hadn’t said a word about it. But what worried him more, how should he deal with this knowledge now? How should he behave towards her now that he knew? And above all, what should that even be, vegan? He remembered all the jokes that were made around him about these malnourished, particularly funny people, but he had never met anyone, at least not consciously. At the same time, Sabrina seemed so normal. Of course, she was a special person for him now, but otherwise just like everyone else. He went home brooding. Finally, when it was high time to leave, not wanting to be late, he decided to just take it easy.

Half an hour later they met in a nice cafe downtown. Sabrina wore a dark blue, short summer dress that flattered her figure and looked great on her. She hadn’t even tried to tame her red curls and they stood out wildly from her head, which gave her a daring expression. Detlev had dressed up just as smartly, with dark trousers and a light polo shirt. Then his gaze wandered to his shoes, leather shoes. What else had he quickly read at home that means vegan? Vegan is when you don’t eat or wear anything from the animal or use them for entertainment, so no leather shoes either. He imagined that Sabrina gave him a disapproving look because she had recognized immediately what he was only realizing now. But the way she greeted him, with a kiss on the left and a right on the cheek, with that adorable smile on her lips, everything seemed to be the same as ever. He tried to behave just as casually, but somehow, he didn’t succeed. Finally, Sabrina looked at him long and hard: „Tell me, are you all right? You seem a little tense.” How should he answer that? Not wanting to start their relationship off with a lie, he plucked up the courage to say, „I found out today that you’re vegan and I’m sad that you didn’t tell me about it.“

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