Bred sick

In the meantime, man has perfected the ability to breed animals in such a way that they serve a specific purpose. This applies to so-called farm animals as well as to so-called pets. In doing so, a specific feature is placed in the foreground without regard to losses, which in this case concerns the undamaged physical condition. In other words, if a certain characteristic should be particularly pronounced, then it doesn’t matter what kind of health effects it has on the animal.

The famous dairy cow, which is actually not a dairy cow, because there is no such thing as a mother cow, bred for maximum milk production. In the meantime, such a high-performance turbo cow gives almost four times as much milk as it did in 1950. The consequences are that the cow cannot eat as much as she would need due to the increased energy requirement. In addition, there are mastitis, metabolic disorders, claw problems, fertility disorders and uterine inflammation. Even the so-called beef cattle are no better off, because the rapid growth leads to organ damage and problems with bones and joints. Poultry isn’t doing much better. Whether turkey or chicken, special emphasis is placed on the growth of the pectoral muscles so that they reach slaughter weight within a very short time. The juvenile skeleton cannot support the enormous increase in flesh, so after a short time many of these birds are unable to stand. Surely the laying hens are better off then? Not really, because the unnatural breeding of a laying capacity of 300 eggs a year, which demands an enormous amount of substance from the body, leads to osteoporosis and diseases of the laying organs. Last but not least, the pig is bred to gain weight as quickly as possible, which also leads to serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and pathological changes in the joints.

So, for our greed, we breed breeds that we know from the outset will be slaughtered within a very short time. And if the whole world went vegan, wouldn’t all races die out? Yes, and it wouldn’t be a day’s shame because every day without torture in the barn means one day less animal torture. Now you can say that this still somehow serves a purpose. After all, it’s about products that many people still consume, despite everything, but don’t want to pay anything for them. It may be a perverse purpose, but at least it is understandable from a capitalist-exploiting point of view, because you can earn money with it, but the torturous breeding does not end at the stable doors, but also among the so-called domestic animals.

There are dogs that can hardly breathe because of the shortened snout and therefore suffer from constant shortness of breath, there is not enough space for the teeth, so that misaligned teeth follow. Others, on the other hand, have eye sockets that are too shallow, so that the eyeballs bulge out if the eye does not completely collapse. For others, the skull is grown so large that they can no longer give birth normally. Hip damage, arthrosis and other joint damage are accepted in exchange for a nice gait. Also, open skullcaps, a twisted relationship between the length of the spine and the legs, open back, hydrocephalus, blindness and deafness due to genetic mutations, skin diseases. Short snouts, animals that are too small, sloping backs, ears that are too long, no fur at all, far too much fur, bulging eyes, crops that are too big, etc., all traits that are only bred because they are pretty or cute. I.e., people who breed such animals and those who acquire them accept their suffering, solely for aesthetic reasons.

And if nobody breeds them anymore and nobody buys them anymore, then they will die out, won’t they? Yes, and it’s not a day’s shame because every day without torture in the home means one day less animal torture.

But no matter for what purpose, as soon as man imagines breeding, which in the end means nothing more than posing as master of evolution, he produces agony, animal agony. Therefore, it is high time to let all the degenerate, civilization-damaged, and human-disfigured races naturally flow out and then just get rid of them. For as long as humans interfere, there will always be avoidable pain, suffering and exploitation. So let the animals just be animals and leave them alone. No matter where humans bring change to nature, only suffering results, for however intelligent this species may be, it too seldom considers the consequences. But what’s the point, it doesn’t hit him himself.

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