The Suffering of Calves for the Milk

Animals in the animal exploitation industry don’t have names, they have numbers, numbers in the form of yellow ear tags so you know straight away who owns the animal. You can also see which country it comes from. If animal transporters are now being pursued from Austria to Spain, animals appear whose ear tags can be assigned to Austrian companies, but these vehemently deny knowing what is happening to the animals, then it is obviously a very special form of memory loss. For decades, one disclosure has followed the next, the most serious abuses are documented, always with the same consequences. No. Like this fall.

Little Florian, who we now want to call that, was born on a small dairy farm. This is only because his mother is supposed to give milk all the time, which of course only works if she has a baby. If the baby is a girl, it’s still okay because you can raise them and then exploit them in turn, force them to get pregnant every year, take the baby away from them to keep the milk flowing. A short life of suffering and torment that these dairy cows have. It’s really bad when the baby is a boy, as in the case of Florian, because of course Florian doesn’t give milk and doesn’t put on meat properly either. That’s why he is one thing above all: a useless eater, a kind of parasite that has to be got rid of as quickly as possible.

Like all other babies, Florian left his mother immediately after birth. He felt lonely and abandoned, all alone in his calf igloo, fed cheap milk replacer. But not only was he never allowed to experience what it was like to cuddle with mum and drink from her breast, he was also not allowed to stay in the supposed safety of his calf igloo, because a short time later he was dragged out and loaded onto a truck along with many other babies who were shaking with fear and just wanted to run away. Florian didn’t want to be charged. So, he tried to free himself, to run away. For this he was brutally beaten, kicked in the face, so that he finally gave up his resistance. Completely uncared for, he had to spend many hours in the back of the truck with all the others. It was loud all around, so terribly loud. They were thrown back and forth, against each other and against the walls due to the movements of the ride. It was not possible to calm down. And there was always this fear. Where did they take him? What would they do with him there? Also, it was terribly cold. He was getting weaker and weaker and by the time the truck stopped he was so exhausted he couldn’t get up so he was dragged out. A short time later he died and was simply thrown onto a pile of carcasses.

In the eyes of the animal exploitation industry, Florian, who actually didn’t even have a name, was nothing but a life not worth living. His death was not unwelcome collateral damage. Of course, it would have been better if he had died immediately after birth. Then you would have saved the space and the milk replacer, but it was okay like that.

And why all the suffering, torment and exploitation?

So that we can drink the mothers‘ milk, which is actually intended for the babies.

If you want to prevent millions of babies from doing the same thing as Florian, stop consuming milk and dairy products. It is high time to eliminate something from our diet that is bad for everyone involved, for the cows, the calves and human health. No one needs breast milk except for the baby it’s intended for.

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