Murder is not Animal Cruelty

Lilli was two months old when she moved in with the family that was to be her forever home. Well, that’s what happened, albeit differently than expected. At first everything was pure bliss. Since he was a hunter, the master of the house wanted to educate her accordingly as soon as she was old enough for it. By then she should be allowed to be a puppy, but she shouldn’t think that life is all about fun and food either. No, she would have to work for that too. Of course, the owner knew how to train a dog and, above all, that it should be started as early as possible.

Lilli proved to be extremely trainable. Within a very short time she knew how to interpret the signs and obeyed them obediently and willingly. She was sufficiently rewarded for that, at least that’s what the owner thought. What worried him a little was that she was still boisterous and ebullient. Even at the proud age of seven months, she still played like a puppy and enjoyed it immensely. Mr. Hunter saw this critically, because after all it was time for the bitch to become serious and, above all, calmer. She didn’t do him the favor. One day his daughter was playing with the dog. It was a hilarious and wild game, during which the human girl was pinched by the dog girl. That was enough for the father. It didn’t work that way. This bitch was a danger to life and limb. Being so intemperate at this age was just not possible. So he called her over, attached the leash and went into the forest with her. Lilli was happy about the walk. After all, there was always so much to discover and sniff out in the forest. So she hopped from one spot to the next to absorb all the information. The only strange thing was that this time Mister Hunter didn’t remind her to be in order, didn’t insist that she walk on heels or anything like that. That was different, but maybe he had just changed his mind and this time she was allowed to let off steam to her heart’s content. What a great owner she had who understood her and was responsive to her needs. That’s why she decided to be especially good and obey, if she got the freedom to discover the world from time to time. Unsuspecting, at least no evil, she sprang along beside him. After they reached a clearing, he told them to sit down. Then he took a knife from his belt pocket and slit her throat neatly. This came as such a surprise to the little dog that she didn’t even flinch. She was dead in no time. After all, he knew his trade. He was too familiar with killing and gutting for anything to go wrong. So it had come true that this family had been Lilli’s forever home, at least for five months. And why all this? Because she was a pup who behaved and acted the way a pup behaved and acted.

The hunter came to court. He was reported for animal cruelty. Now one would have to expect that he would be sentenced because of this, because what could be worse torture than taking the life of one of our fellow creatures without need or pity. But far from it. The man was acquitted. According to the judge’s verdict, it was not animal cruelty, since it was not done out of desire to kill, but with good reason. Finally, the dog had pinched the child. Finally, according to the law, animals are still things to be dealt with as one sees fit. The elevation of animal protection to constitutional status has not changed that. So, anyone can murder his or her animal as long as you don’t feel like doing it. It has no meaning, because after all it was „only“ an animal.

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