The Nudiapes are coming

“Did you see it? Did you hear it?” resounds from all sides at the silverback, who has made himself comfortable under a tree and is chewing on the tasty leaves unperturbed.
„Yes, I did see it. Yes, I heard it”, he finally has to react, “You cannot be overlooked. Not to be overheard. Where they invade, they invade in droves. They are so many. And they make such a noise. They want to be seen. be heard. They’re so pushy and self-absorbed and take themselves so incredibly seriously.“
„They will destroy everything,“ a voice can be heard, „everything, everything.“
“They’re going to cut everything down,” the mighty gorilla lazily confirms, “And then they’re going to grow food and put up fences, and then they’re going to catch some of us and lock them up. Then they take everything away from them. The milk and the eggs and the babies. Then they kill her. They eat the carcasses. Nobody will escape. They think they own what they take, the land, the trees and the animals.”
“What does own mean?” asks someone in the crowd.

„It means that they say, this is mine now and no one else can have it,“ explains the great ape, „when I see the tree now, then everyone who can climb, everyone seeks shelter under its roof or find peace, everyone who can fly or jump far land on them from the air, everyone builds their nest on it, who builds nests in trees, but they think they go and just say, the tree belongs to me and nobody else can then there. This is the tree or the animal or other of their species. They have no reason, no justification, just that they can. That’s why they do it.”
„They will take everything from us. Our life, too,” says someone else, “You are so insatiable. And they have machines. guns.”
„They will take everything from us. Our lives too,” confirms the gorilla, “They have machines to destroy the country with and they have guns to destroy us with.”
„Maybe you can talk to them,“ says a squeaky voice.
„You can’t talk to them,“ replies the gorilla, „They don’t understand anything. Nothing of the land they destroy, nor the lives they destroy. They are so. Break and destroy. Until there is nothing left to break and destroy. That, although with their big heads they can actually understand that they also break down once they have ruined everything else. They doesn’t mind. They don’t stop. They will never stop.“
„Then we will fight them,“ someone interjects.
„You can try,“ the silverback suggests, „but it won’t do any good. They are too many. They have guns and other weapons. We can’t do anything about that. Maybe we can kill one, two or even more if we ambush them when they don’t have time to use their guns, but then the others are there. They will hunt us. They will also set traps. Also, because they need the fur. You are naked. They don’t have their own fur. So they have to put on a stranger, that of the dead, of us.”
„Then we have to flee, go somewhere else,“ says another.
„We’ll have to,“ the gorilla admits. „We’ll flee and look for another place to live in peace and quiet. And after some time, they will get there too. We may have a brief respite, but eventually they’ll get anywhere. They keep getting more, so much more. Then they must move on, leaving behind them the trail of smashing and destruction. In their tracks there is only lifelessness. And eventually they will be everywhere. Then there will be no place to flee to.”
“Then we want to do it as long as we can,” is the demand now.
„Well then, let’s go,“ says the big furry monkey, „It’ll be a good time as long as we don’t have the nudiapes around. We want to take advantage of it because it will be over all too soon. And at the end of their work of destruction, to which they themselves will fall victim, peace will return and the world will recover.”
With that he got up and walked ahead of them to a place where they would be unmolested by the nudiapes, at least for a while.

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