Live & let live

„Live and let live is my motto“
you say to me,
and I look at you
because I wonder
how to explain it to you
that I agree with you
but mean something else
than you intend.

„Live and let live is my motto“
means for you
that you let me live
and all other people
although not even that is true
because your t-shirt speaks against it,
but at least you are generous
those in your field of vision,
your ethical environment,
the economic success side,
allowed to live
like this as they want,
making their own decisions
which means
that you want that too to make your own decisions
and to live
as you wish.
So, I should leave you alone
don’t tell you about my beliefs
from the bad things
that happen
because you live
like this how you live.
Just because
that I am supposedly forcing this information on you,
I interfere with your freedom.
You don’t wanna know
like the chicken
that you like to eat
being massacred to death in the slaughterhouse,
misused as cleaning rags,
as it grows in agony at turbo speed,
because you want to eat it
but don’t admit
that you have a share
at the torments
inflicted on these innocent creatures.
With me telling you about it
show you the pictures
your worldview starts to falter,
world view that consists only of self,
a selfimage
that tells you
„I am a good person“,
what you can already see from it,
that you tell me
“I’ll let you live vegan
but I want to,
that you let me live in the flesh”.
I’ll let you too
I can not change it,
if you don’t want it
I can’t prevent
that for you millions of living beings
be bred, fattened, exploited and massacred,
but I can tell you
that for you these creatures
which you include in your motto
in the sense than „let live“ means
that they would give their lives for you.

„Live and let live is your motto“
what do you mean
that all the creatures
who are not human
should give up their lives for you
you have no problem with
that they are deprived of the only thing
what they have.
It even goes so far
that you can persuade yourself
they are there for
it is the basic utility of their life,
whoever decided that
apart from your lust their body,
the products of their bodies,
to consume.
Nicely laid out.
You mustn’t shake that,
this fixed worldview
by treating yourself as a good person
among all the good people
because you live by the motto
„Live and let live“.

„Live and let live is your motto“
and to disguise the most perfidious form,
that you let live
take life mean
that barely started
is finished again
a single martyrdom,
from the first to the last moment.
That can be everything
I’m just not allowed to talk about it
because when I tell you
show you the pictures
then I stop letting you live
because I challenge you to take a stand
yes, you as an individual,
challenge you
to explain to me
how that fits together
yourself image
and the torments that you cause with it,
your free decision
and the bondage you impose on others
with your way of life.
I don’t force it on you
but it is in the room
it can no longer be denied.
you can say no more
I did not know that
and so acted out of ignorance,
purely out of ignorance.
Then it won’t work anymore
if I explain it to you
and you should realize
that’s your motto
„live and let live“,
represents the greatest fraud on live.

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