I dream

I dream of a world in which we accept all living beings, in their own being, accept and let be the people, the animals and the earth, as the basis of all our lives, everyone in their own place and according to their kind. It’s just too little space when individuals take up too much and when we don’t understand each other. Understanding is what keeps the place going, for I can draw closer to you when we treat one another with respect and respect, for we can trust one another. Everyone in their individuality, since diversity is experienced as an enrichment.

I dream of a world where we have learned again that body and mind, culture and nature, heaven and earth are in intimate connection with each other, so that we use the gifts of the earth mindfully, so that it has the chance to regenerate, in which we see our body as our source of strength, which speaks to us and tells us what we need, so that we can listen to it and empathize and think with others.

I dream of a world where children and old people are just as important as working aged people, where we take them into life, where it happens, so we can learn from each other. From the freshness and openness of youth as well as from the experience and serenity of old age, because we experience this as an enrichment.

I dream of a world where gardens are natural again, so that bees and bumblebees, spiders and beetles, butterflies and birds, romp about eagerly because they find enough to feed themselves as we grow our vegetables and colorful flowers in between, because we need the bread, but also the roses. And we see blooming and becoming, budding and bearing fruit, fading and falling as a natural process again, with joy and curiosity.

I dream of a world where work is experienced as meaningful because we have learned to use our own minds and to use our hands, where accompanying children into life and accompanying the elderly out of life, domestic and social efforts are worth as much as gainful employment outside the home, since it serves life.

I dream of a world in which there is still suffering and pain, illness and death, but everyone does everything possible to ensure that they cause neither suffering nor pain, neither illness nor death, but are committed to life and its development. I dream of a world where the water in the rivers is clean so that everyone can drink from it, where apples grow in the most colorful variety on the trees so that you can eat them straight from the tree, where we buy our food share with our fellow creatures, and no longer turn them into clean air food for our children to play outside with confidence.

And I dream of a world where I can love you without having to own you.

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