Bred sick

In the meantime, man has perfected the ability to breed animals in such a way that they serve a specific purpose. This applies to so-called farm animals as well as to so-called pets. In doing so, a specific feature is placed in the foreground without regard to losses, which in this case concerns the undamaged physical condition. In other words, if a certain characteristic should be particularly pronounced, then it doesn’t matter what kind of health effects it has on the animal.


Cruelty to Animals pays off!

Germany and Austria are said to be among the countries where animal welfare is very important. If you look at the relevant legislation, you might almost think that there could be some truth to it. Right at the beginning of the Austrian Animal Welfare Act it says the following:

§ 1 TSchG: The aim of this federal law is to protect the life and well-being of animals from the special responsibility of humans for animals as fellow creatures.

According to the law, we are to understand „the animal“ as a „fellow creature“ and as such it is our responsibility to protect it and ensure that it feels comfortable. It is therefore important to read paragraph 5, because it lists what apparently contradicts this well-being:

§ 5 TSchG: It is forbidden to inflict unjustified pain, suffering or harm on an animal or to put it in severe fear.

In contrast, the German Animal Welfare Act, which combines both paragraphs of the Austrian counterpart, is as follows:

§ 1 TSchG: The purpose of this law is to protect the life and well-being of humans from their responsibility for animals as fellow creatures. No one may cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal without just cause.


Finally ban Kosher Butchering

During these days, the Muslim festival of sacrifice „Id al-Adha“, the most important Islamic festival, is celebrated. Every Muslim who can afford it has to offer a sacrifice to it, and it is customary to visit and entertain relatives, friends and acquaintances. At the same time, it is the climax of the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, on the 10th of the Islamic month „Dhu I-Hijah“. So it’s a time-honored tradition. That in itself wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it weren’t for the butchering thing.


Dear wonderful fellow Creatures

I have fond memories of those two weeks in Ireland in May. We hiked around the Ring of Beara, over hills and above all over meadows, saw many sheep with their babies, but also cows, also with their families. They were together and stayed that way. Nobody tore them apart. They grazed peacefully, eyeing us with a mixture of curiosity and timidity. They seemed used to humans. But above all, they had a life, at least as much as is possible for a so-called livestock in our society. Sure, they’re slaughtered, too, but best of all, given the circumstances, we’re still living in a society where the majority thinks eating meat is essential. And the sweater made of sheep’s wool.


Showing bad Pictures is mean

I leaf through the pictures of the last revelation with concentration. With everyone before, I’d thought it couldn’t get any worse – and it could get worse. The ones I now had in front of me were the very worst. I thought about which ones to put on and present to the public. What can you expect of people? I decide rigorously. When it comes to reality, everything, because it’s their work. And if they don’t do it themselves, then it is at least tacitly tolerated. One is worse than the other. Between badly injured pigs lie dead ones in various stages of decomposition. How long had the farmer not entered this barn? Of course, it is theoretically possible not to look after the animals once during the few months that the rearing lasts. Possible because feed and water distribution are automated. You just have to make sure that the ventilation works, because if it fails, everyone will die miserably. That’s not good, because then the invested capital is gone. You don’t have to muck out either, because the faeces are pushed through the gaps. Only at the end, when the transporter comes to take them to the slaughterhouse, is there a thorough cleaning.


Help, my child is still not #weaned

Family, interpersonal tragedies are usually carried out in secret. After all, you don’t want to be seen as someone who did something wrong, especially because you’re under the mistaken assumption that it’s just my problem and everyone else is doing it right. But as with many other things, you can also see here that someone has to start daring to go public to see that many others feel the same way as I do. I’m not alone in this. It falls like the proverbial scales fall from your eyes. Ms. K., as one of those affected, has kindly agreed to speak about it here. Understandably, she wishes to remain anonymous.


Just normal

Sabrina only wanted one thing, to have her normal life back. A few months ago, she had become vegan. The reasons were as simple as they were obvious. After she had taken a closer look at how so-called farm animals are treated in our society, the effects on the environment and one’s own health, it was clear that there was no alternative. With great zeal, she began to explore the diverse possibilities of vegan nutrition and felt fit and full of energy. Everything would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the environment and her own perception.


The Mechanization of the Uterus

Christian sat down on the couch. Martinique to the ground. She always did that when she wanted to think freely. connectedness. Even if it was just the floor of a room.
„It used to be a mystery, a secret,“ Martinique began to share herself and her thoughts, „Then people discovered the mystery, demystified it. We now know about the connections and the process.”
„It’s wonderful to know,“ said Christian.
„Of course, it is,“ affirmed Martinique, „But what has been done with the knowledge? The female animal was degraded to the living brood chamber in which the fetus or embryo matured. The normal process of pregnancy and childbirth was snatched from her and subjected to technology. So, to a male domain. The baby to the product and property of the creator of the technique. Ultrasound is used to observe how it develops, the birth under the guidance of a doctor to a process that no longer requires the intervention of the birthing machine. You know better.”
„But modern medicine has also helped many,“ Christian interjected.


Happy Mothers Day

When Stella came to me that morning and greeted me happily as always, I already noticed her restlessness, but also the anticipation of what was to come. It was her first child.

„I’m sure you’ll do well,“ I whispered in her ear.


With whom to sympathize and with whom not? (2)

„I’m telling you, the wolf has no place in our forests!“ finally came an objection from the father, who had finished his meal and leaned back with every sign of comfort. Now he could speak again. “We have never had a wolf before, and we don’t need one. Blame it on those who think we should let everyone in, refugees and wolves. You can see what’s happening. The refugees are also the ones who slaughter the animals, i.e. slit their throats while they are alive without being anaesthetized. The Muslims and the Jews do that. I praise the good behavior and the humane killing. You can twist it however you want, they just don’t have our civilization and our education.”
„Exactly,“ the mother agreed, „everyone should be shot.“
„The refugees?“, Katharina was amazed, „But that’s already bad.“